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Meal planning Monday – June 9th 2014

I am a huge fan of meal planning as I wrote in one of first posts – The importance of meal planning. When I came across a linky called Meal planning Monday from At home with Mrs M, I knew that it was one linky that I would have to join in with. I also think that it is a good idea to share my meal plan each week as sometimes it can be tough trying to work out what to have each week so hopefully my plans with offer some inspiration to others and also inspire me as I read other bloggers plans.

Monday 9th June.

Homemade cheese and potato whirls, oven chips and baked beans.
Recipe coming to blog soon.

Tuesday 10th June.

Roast pork dinner.
This is normally a weekend dinner but we were out all day Saturday and the girls were out to dinner with their grandma on Sunday so we will have it today instead.

Wednesday 11th June.

Battered cod fillets, crispy bites and baked beans.
A nice quick and easy one.

Thursday 12th June.

Tuna pasta salad and French bread.
Again this recipe will be coming to the blog soon.

Friday 13th June.

Cheese and bacon quiche, new potatoes in butter and herbs and green beans.
Ready made quiche and microwave potatoes make this a super fast and easy dinner as Faith has her summer fair after school today.

Saturday 14th June.

Garlic chicken breasts, oven chips and baked beans.
Another easy dinner as we have a busy day planned, weather permitted!

Sunday 15th June.

Philly chicken risotto.
I adapted this recipe from the Philadelphia website and again I will be sharing this on the blog soon.

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