May idea list

Welcome to the May Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.

May idea list

Wednesday 1st: Buy any needed occasion cards for the month of June.

Thursday 2nd: Wash all of your net curtains or blinds.

Friday 3rd: Clean all of your computer or laptop keyboards.

Saturday 4th: Clean and organise your glassware and where you store it.

Sunday 5th: Today is world laughter day so watch something that you know will make you laugh!

Monday 6th: Bank holiday Monday, the perfect time for clearing any rubbish from the garden.

Tuesday 7th: Clean all of the light shades/fittings in your home.

Wednesday 8th: Wash a radiator of choice.

Thursday 9th: If you have pets, spend some time today to organise all of their supplies.

Friday 10th: Clean the inside window and sill in a room of your choice.

Saturday 11th: Take an antibacterial wipe and clean all of the door handles in your home.

Sunday 12th: Get outside and have a go at mini golf or maybe try geocaching.

Monday 13th: Clean all of your sinks and taps and see if you can make them shine!

Tuesday 14th: Treat yourself to some flowers or a pot plant to bring some of outside inside.

Wednesday 15th: Get together with your family as today is International day of families.

Thursday 16th: Wash down two of your doors today.

Friday 17th: Bake something delicious as today is world baking day!

Saturday 18th: Today is Museum day so why not visit your local museum?

Sunday 19th: Look at how you are storing toys, sort through and organise them to make them easier to play with.

Monday 20th: How do you store your stationery? Tidy it and discard any pens which no longer work.

Tuesday 21st: Wash the skirting boards (baseboards) in a room of your choice.

Wednesday 22nd: Flip all or your mattresses if you haven’t flipped them recently. It is recommended that mattresses should be turned over at least once every six months.

Thursday 23rd: Organise your make up supplies and discard any that you no longer use or which have expired.

Friday 24th: Sort through your linen cupboard and organise it.

Saturday 25th: Go through any books or magazines that you have, removing any that you no longer need.

Sunday 26th: Organise your summer outdoor equipment. Things like beach balls, garden toys etc.

Monday 27th: Bank holiday Monday – why not go out for the day?

Tuesday 28th: Clean and organise the inside and outside of your fridge.

Wednesday 29th: Take some time out to have a hot drink and some biscuits for biscuit day!

Thursday 30th: Organise, clean and declutter your pots and pans and where you store them.

Friday 31st: Clear out your email inbox.

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