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May idea list

Welcome to the May idea list, there is a different idea for each day of the month. Feel free to follow the list to the letter or just pick and choose the ones that best fit your life style. The whole idea of this list is basically to give you some ‘ideas’ to get more organised and have more fun in your life. I always love to hear from you so please do get in touch to let me know if your following the list, what you think about this months idea list or anything else on my blog or life in general.

Please note that this will be the last idea list that I publish as I feel it is time for me to try something new.


Thursday 1st – Start the month with a treat for yourself, anything from a new nail polish to a new outfit – you decide!

Friday 2nd – Time to clear out your garden shed or storage area.

Saturday 3rd – Clean the outside of  your washing machine and dish washer if you have one.

Sunday 4th – Give your cars, bicycles and any other modes of transport the once over to make sure they are clean and in working order.

Monday 5th – UK bank holiday! Go on a family bike ride or nature walk today and enjoy some screen free time together.

Tuesday 6th – Clean and organise your shoe storage area and give all your shoes a clean.

Wednesday 7th – Clean all the remote controls in your home as these often get forgotten and soon build up dirt and germs.

Thursday 8th – Pick a room to clean the skirting boards, doing one room a month only takes a few minutes and helps you keep on top of them.

Friday 9th – Organise your recipes and make sure that your summer recipes are close to hand.

Saturday 10th – Start making plans for any holidays you are planning to take this summer or day trips if you are planning staying home this year.

Sunday 11th – Clean up all your computer, tablet, phone apps that you no longer use and remove yourself from e-mail services that you no longer want or need.

Monday 12th – Clean your bread bin and de-clutter the area.

Tuesday 13th – Change bedding to more light weight sheets or quilts ready for warmer nights.

Wednesday 14th – Time to start preparing our skin for the summer with a good ex-foliating and moisturising regime. 

Thursday 15th – Have a look at all your bra’s and see which ones need replacing. Also get yourself measured if you have not been measured for a while to make sure that you are wearing the right size.

Friday 16th – How organised is your home for stationary? If you need a pen or an envelope would you know where to find them? Make sure you have all the essentials organised and close to hand.

Saturday 17th – Clean your barbecue ready for the summer or purchase a new one or some disposals depending on your budgets and preferences.

Sunday 18th – Do a freezer inventory and give the freezer a good clean while you are there!

Monday 19th – Do a medication check by making sure that all your prescriptions are up to date and still needed and cleaning out the area where you keep them. Make sure that they are all kept well away from children too.

Tuesday 20th – Take the kids out after school today for a surprise treat.

Wednesday 21st – Clean the outside of all your windows or get a window cleaner to do it for you!

Thursday 22nd – How big is your ironing pile? Now is the time to tackle it so that you can keep it in hand over the summer months.

Friday 23rd – Cook with the kids tonight to make a family dinner and have some fun.

Saturday 24th – Why not visit a zoo or a fun fair for some lovely family fun today!

Sunday 25th – A great day for catching up on reading material while outside in the garden while the kids play.

Monday 26th – UK bank holiday! Why not have a family barbecue!

Tuesday 27th – Why not draw up a weekly chores list for yourself to help you keep on top of things. Even better, add the rest of the family to the chore list to help.

Wednesday 28th – Do a clutter run where you run around the house going from room to room grabbing anything that does not belong in that room and putting it in a bag as you go. Then take a rest and let the kids take their items and put them back where they belong.

Thursday 29th – Write a list of ten films or books that you would like to see or read over the summer so when you do get some much needed free time you know what to do.

Friday 30th – Those of you with school aged children remember that the six weeks summer holidays are coming and there is lots that needs to be planned before then! Now is a great time to start collecting leaflets of places to visit and jotting down notes of things that you can do ready for nearer the time when you need to get planning.

Saturday 31st – Check your wrapping paper supplies for any summer parties that are coming up. Nothing worse then having to give someone a gift in June with old Xmas wrap as you’ve run out of birthday paper!

I hope that you have enjoyed my monthly idea’s lists that I have been writing. If you are going to miss this feature on my blog then do let me know as if enough people get in touch it may just make a come back!

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