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March News, no hair and TV

Welcome to my March news – the place where I share the real-life ups and downs of the last month. This month has been quiet since my Chemo started which has reduced my ability to do other things. 


March 2nd I finally managed to have my first chemo session. I will not go into too much detail as I plan on writing separate posts on my chemo sessions to help others once I have the energy. Pleasingly, I was better with the side effects than I had expected which was a plus. 

I think you see such horrific things on TV when someone is going through chemo it can make it seem so scary when you are faced with it yourself. My chemo is on a three-week cycle. So I have a chemo session, and then it takes 21 days to recover and be ready for the next one.

Hair Loss

I decided early on that I would be shaving my head once my hair started to fall out. I think it is important to take back control where we can, and I knew that I would not be able to handle seeing my hair coming out in big clumps. On Saturday 18th March I was washing my hair and large amounts of hair started coming out in my hands.

Then when we were at the park with the dogs I asked my husband if he could see my hair falling out and he said there’s a little bit there and he pulled it and a big clump came out. That was it for me, I said to my husband that once we get back home I want him to help me shave it all off as I can not handle seeing it all come out like that. 

It is hard but at the same time freeing, as I don’t have to worry about it now. It is gone and when this is all over, it will grow back and I will be okay. 

A forehead shot of a shaved head

Chemo 2/6

March 23rd and it was time for my second chemo session. As draining as it is, other symptoms have been minimal and I am forever grateful so far in. I can see a pattern of the first 5-7 days not being able to do anything or go anywhere but then gradually managing to get almost back to normal in time for the next one!

Mothers Day

It was Mothers Day in the UK on Sunday 27th but I knew that it was falling in my window of not being able to do anything so I asked the kids if we could celebrate the weekend after instead. So as I write this, I have not yet had my presents or celebrations yet. I will let you know next time how good the kids were to me!

What we’ve been watching this month


We only managed two visits to the cinema this month. 

Death on the Nile

Based on the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel, Death on the Nile is remade again. Rated 12A, there are some famous faces that pop up such as Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. I enjoyed the film as I am a huge Agatha Christie fan but it was not as good as I had expected. However, I do know the plot inside out so it would be more exciting for those who do not. 

Popcorn with wording in the middle that says 'movie of the month' with five gold stars underneath.


Elliot had particularly been looking forward to this movie. It is rated 12A and has some big names that include Antonio Banderas, Tom Holland, and Mark Wahlberg. The general storyline centres on the search for missing treasure. It has all of the high drama action you would expect from this type of movie and there are some funny moments too. It ends with the hint of a second being made which further excited Elliot. All in all, a good watch.


Even though I have watched far too much TV this month while recovering from chemo there are not that many shows as I watched the whole full series some of which had four or five seasons!


My oldest daughter told me to watch this show. It is available on Disney+ and there are four seasons. It is about high society in the Hamptons and all of the secrets and lies that they tell. The main character of the show is called Emily and she is out for revenge for what happened to her and her father many years ago and she will stop at nothing to make them pay. It is a bit predictable, but worth a watch for some light relief. I think hubby enjoyed it more than I did! We watched the whole four seasons in March!


An oldie but a goodie! I decided to rewatch Angel which is also available on Disney+ to keep me occupied while recuperating. I managed to watch the whole five seasons in one month! Must be a record for me. If you are not aware, Angel was a spin-off show from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Back to 15

This is a Brazilian show that has been dubbed and is rated 12. It is about a 30-year-old who finds a way to travel back to being 15 again where they can change their future by doing things differently. It is a fun show for some light relief.


So that is all of my news for March 2022. A quiet month. Hope you had a good month, would love to hear about your highs and lows of the month too.  

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