March idea list

Welcome to the March idea list. There is a different idea for each day of the month and then at the end of the month I will post a new list for April. Feel free to follow the list to the letter or just pick and choose the ones that best fit your life style. The whole idea of this list is basically to give you some ‘ideas’ to get more organised and have more fun in your life. I always love to hear from you so please do get in touch to let me know if your following the list, what you think about this months idea list or anything else on my blog or life in general.


Saturday 1st – Make a tent or den in your living room with some sheets and chairs. It is such a simple idea, but the kids will love it.

Sunday 2nd – Spend some time today looking back at old photo albums and scrapbooks with your family. It’s lovely to reminisce and children love to see pictures of themselves when they were younger.

Monday 3rd – Have an e-bay day where you finally list those things that have been waiting in a pile somewhere around your home. It feels good to de-clutter and it could bring in some extra pennies too!

Tuesday 4th – Organise the toiletries in your bathroom, discarding any used up items and noting down anything that needs to be replaced.

Wednesday 5th – Wash your front door so your home is welcoming to your visitors.

Thursday 6th – Organise your tinned and packet food storage area, making sure that the items with the shortest dates are at the front.

Friday 7th – Wash and clean all your child’s bath toys as even through they are toys that get bathed they do seem to build up dirt on them!

Saturday 8th – Make a pizza with the kids. Much healthier then take out and the children will be much more inclined to eat them if they have made them.

Sunday 9th – Do something nice for yourself today. Anything from treating yourself to a new top to having an extra long soak in the bath. Whatever will make you smile.

Monday 10th – Organise all the family games, checking that they have all there pieces and discarding any that are no longer suitable.

Tuesday 11th – Clean and polish all the mirrors in your home.

Wednesday 12th – Find all of your families swimwear and check sizing. Make sure you know where it all is ready for family swimming, along with any arm bands and floats etc. and make a note of anything that needs replacing.

Thursday 13th – Take a broom and do a sweep under all the beds in the house. It’s amazing what you can find under them! Put what you find away unless it is something that you store under your bed!

Friday 14th – Start a loose change tin if you do not already have one. They are great for saving some money for a rainy day and keeping your pockets and purses light.

Saturday 15th – Spend a few minutes doing a back garden survey making some notes of any projects you want to complete this year. Then give the garden a quick tidy, sweeping leafs, removing rubbish and getting rid of any weeds.

Sunday 16th – Set up a pretend shop with your kids today and have some educational fun together.

Monday 17th – Make today the day that you finally drop off any items you have in your home that you are going to donate to charity. Again, the de-cluttering will feel good and knowing that your helping a good cause will feel great too!

Tuesday 18th – Clean your windows on the outside or make an appointment with your local window cleaner.

Wednesday 19th – Organise your gift cupboard and take an inventory so you know what you have. If you haven’t got one, why not start one this month. You can read about my gift cupboard here.

Thursday 20th – Pick one room in your home and take a damp cloth and remove any dirt or finger prints from the walls, door and light switches.

Friday 21st – Do a self breast check today and if you do not already do these regularly note down in your diary or on your mobile phone a monthly reminder.

Saturday 22nd – Have a teddies bear picnic either indoors or at the park if the weather is warm enough.

Sunday 23rd – Make a bird feeder with the kids to hang in the garden. Great for the birds and also great for the kids to watch which birds are coming into the garden to have a nibble.

Monday 24th – One week until mothers day! Make sure you are prepared for the day and you have gifts and cards for your own mothers.

Tuesday 25th – Organise and tidy under your sink.

Wednesday 26th – Clean your door mats, giving them a good beating or a hoover.

Thursday 27th – Sort through all your baking pans and saucepans and the area that you keep these in. Note down anything that needs replacing and get rid of any that have seen better days.

Friday 28th – Clean all the photo frames in your home.

Saturday 29th – Have a family movie day or afternoon.

Sunday 30th – Happy mothers day. Spend the day celebrating and enjoying the day!

Monday 31st – Clean your bathroom tiles and use a grout whitener if they are looking rather dull.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    I so envy your organizational skills! I would want to do a list but I am scared that I wont follow it.

  2. says:
    I find just one small thing a day is so much more easy to manage and if you only do that one thing over the month you end up achieving quite a lot. Thanks for commenting :-)
  3. says:
    A great list - with lots of achievable tasks too! I have to say, Grace has done the den one!! thank you for linking to PoCoLo x
  4. says:
    Thanks Victoria xx

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