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How to Make Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult is something that I have struggled with a lot in my life and in fact, I still do. Regular blog readers will know how complex I find this area to be.

I think that it is really difficult if you do not learn those social skills as a child and even harder if you work from home or are a stay at home mum, as your opportunities to meet people are so much more limited.

With this in mind, I reached out to fellow bloggers to see if they had any tips or advice on how to make friends as an adult and this is what they told me.

Hobbies and groups

Carla from the fantastic said ‘one of my best friends moved to my local town after a breakdown of a relationship and didn’t know anyone and strangely enough we met at the local gym. My local gym has a creche and we were both using it, the rest is history’.

Becci ( also found friendship from exercise. Becci said ‘I found it really hard as a new mum in a new town to make mummy friends, so I joined an organised exercise group called Buggy Fit, which you could take your kids to as well. I made lots of lovely friends and even though we have moved again, we are still all in contact’. 

A similar idea comes from Jo ( who suggests, ‘start a new course or take up a new hobby. I took up sewing as a new mum and joined a group in my area. I now have some friends with a similar hobby. Or join a choir’.

Kate ( gave my favourite idea from this list and said, ‘if you can, volunteer somewhere that does some good. It’s such a great way to meet lovely, kind people and you’ll also feel good giving back and helping those in need too’.

Lianne ( adds, ‘go to some local coffee mornings, it’s a great way to meet new people and have a chat’. 


Lisa H ( said ‘I find that arranging play dates with your kid’s friends help. Make sure you like the look of the parents first and make sure their child isn’t a mini satan, haha. Nothing like a good cup of tea while the kids play to start a new friendship’.

Lisa G ( agrees that our children can help and said ‘It’s often hard to make new friends. If you have young children attending baby/toddler groups and classes is a good way, using the mush app to meet other mums, or going to local events. If you struggle with this then maybe making connections online via social media and then arranging to meet up, later on, may be easier. I have met some lovely friends via social media and since met up with them, and is a bit less daunting this way’. 


Nikki ( says ‘I often see (slightly embarrassed) posts on Facebook mummy type groups where someone will say they are looking for friends with kids a similar age, as their friends have melted away after they had children. They always get lots of responses so you can tell many are in the same boat!’.

Emma ( adds, ‘meet up groups are another way for adults to make friends. They often have Facebook groups etc to chat and get to know one another to make it less scary. My husband joined a meetup group in London when he first moved away and made friends that way’.

Once you’ve met someone, what next?

Amanda ( wrote a great post comparing making friends with dating. She offers some great tips about how to move from acquaintance to friend. This is where I struggle most as I know a lot of people to speak to if I bump into them or at groups and clubs. The problem that I have is moving it past that, into a real friendship. If this is something that you also struggle with then I would definitely recommend having a look, I am going to try following Amanda’s advice and see how I go. 

So what do you think? Do you have any tips which we have not covered here? I would love to hear them. As always you can comment below, connect with me through my social media or email at 


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  1. says:
    All friends met over recent years have been made online, I live abroad, don't work and the children have left home, greatly reducing my opportunities to make new friends. #pocolo
    1. dj_star80 says:
      Yes, it can be hard when meeting people is limited.
  2. says:
    I think finding common ground is key when trying to connect with someone X #pocolo
    1. dj_star80 says:
      Yes, I completely agree. x
  3. I think all my newer friends I've met through having children similar ages, with similar interests. Also volunteered through the school and there is nothing like a fund raising project to bond people. #pocolo
    1. dj_star80 says:
      Lovely and great that you volunteer at your children's school.
  4. says:
    I think most of my new friends I have actually made online. Since we moved house my disability has made it hard to get out and about and meet new people. #mmbc
  5. says:
    It can be hard to make friends as an adult, I know after getting divorced I realised just how few friends I actually had. Thanks to a combination of baby groups and work I extended my circle of friends. #MMBC
    1. dj_star80 says:
      That's great that you managed to make more friends. It can be really difficult but is possible :-)

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