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Lucky Fortune Competition (gifted)

You may have seen on my Instagram last week that we were kindly gifted some of the new lucky fortune collectibles. These are really cute and I wish that they had made something like this when I was a girl! The most exciting collectibles we had when I was growing up was carebear stickers which you stuck inside a book!

Four lucky fortunes

One lucky fortune pack on a white and gold background

Each lucky fortune is shaped like a fortune cookie. You open the ‘cookie’ and inside, you will find a paper fortune and a charm bracelet. The bracelets are so cute and they are adjustable, so will fit any size child. There are so many to collect and in each packet, you also get a guide to all of the available charms. On the reverse of the guide, there is a fortune teller which you fold up to use. Seeing that brought back some memories, when I was a child I would make loads of these!



A girl holding out her arm showing a bracelet from a lucky fortune

I thought that FJ may be a little old for these but she absolutely loves them. They retail at £4.99 and I kept one back to offer as a small give away, much to FJ’s annoyance!

FJ loved all of the ones which she got, but her favourite was the blue diamond. My favourite was the jar with a rainbow inside (super cute!). 


A girl playing with a paper fortune teller

I think that the idea behind these is really clever. I don’t know about your family, but my kids have always been obsessed with fortune cookies from the Chinese takeaway. These could be the next big playground craze! In order to win one of your own and see how fab they are, use the Gleam app below.

Lucky Fortu

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  1. Laura Wheatley says:
    I kind of do believe in luck as I am a very unlucky person and it can't all be down to coincidence haha
  2. Dale Dow says:
    I believe in luck, 13 is my lucky number and I'm big on karma
  3. Alice Dixon says:
    Not really, I think some people are luckier than others but I don’t have any items that I think bring good luck
  4. Susan Smith says:
    I do believe in luck, but it keeps passing me by lol
  5. Jade Jones says:
    I believe in luck my lucky item is a necklace i had bought which was the same as one I bought my best friend before she passed away
  6. michelle caspenenti says:
    I definitly believe in luck. These are so cute, my daughter would go mad for one but id secretly love one myself. lol
  7. says:
    I'm not a lucky person so don't really believe in it. x
  8. Margaret GALLAGHER says:
    I do believe yiu make your own luck I also have a threepenny bit from my grandma - goes everywhere I go - I know luck is always there
  9. Emma Morgan says:
    Yes I certainly do , I have lucky periods then then a period of terrible luck. I believe more in lucky numbers, dates & times than objects so no lucky charms for me.
  10. Michelle Ferguson says:
    I do believe in luck, I don't have a lucky mascot but think I need one
  11. Solange says:
    I do believe in luck but I don't have any special lucky items.
  12. Simone Griffin says:
    I do believe in luck. I don’t have any special items but I am also superstitious and won’t walk under ladders, etc.
  13. says:
    These look really amazing!! My daughter would love these #MMBC
  14. Megan says:
    No, I don't.
  15. Lorraine Stone says:
    I don't believe in luck. It depends on your outlook I think.
  16. Tammy Neal says:
    I believe in luck especially if I find a four leaf clover x
  17. says:
    I don't actually, no. Not quite sure why!
  18. Adrian Bold says:
    No I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in karma.

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