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Low cost fathers day gift ideas

With Fathers day fast approaching I thought that I had better get my thinking cap on for gift ideas and I thought that I would share with you all the ideas that I have had in case you are also in need of a bit of inspiration too.

I am a huge lover of Poundland as you can find some really good quality items in there if you look and when money is an issue these types of stores can be real life savers.

Here are my recommendations from Poundland stores.

These photo frames are really lovely and when you’ve added a gorgeous photograph they would be a lovely gift that would look as if you have spent far more then a pound and the cost of a photo.

These tool shaped pens would make lovely gifts for the DIY enthusiastic dads and the grow your own football pitch is a great novelty gift for football mad dads.

Over at B&M, another of my favourite, they are selling Adidas gift sets for just £2.99 which is great as everyone needs some smellies in their lives!

They are also selling men’s super dad short pyjamas which have a detachable cape for just £4.99. I would of love to got Darren some of these but he doesn’t ware pyjamas!

You could get your children to make a gift such as the pint of socks which I recently blogged about or you could cook something that he likes or make him a happy fathers day cake.

You could even get your kids to make some gift vouchers offering their help and time for their dad which could contain things like; we will hand wash your car, we will give you a lie in and we will make you breakfast in bed.

Please note that no products or payments have been received for this post – all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. i like poundland and 99p store as think sometimes you can find there items you would never thought you can find, next year will definitely go there before fathers day
  2. says:
    I really love the frames. I would never have thought of looking in Poundland, but looks as though you can get some great things. Thanks for sharing the low cost gifts xx
  3. says:
    Some great ideas there :) I'm completely disorganised this year... Think it will be handmade cards from the kids (hubby has already bought himself some new tools!) x #ShareWithMe
  4. Anonymous says:
    How very weird Denise, just before reading this I went and bought a Superman logo T-Shirt for the hubster for Father's Day on Amazon! (He recently took a really cute pic of the boys together in their Superman t-shirts so I thought it would be fun!). Great ideas - I love the pint of socks! X #sharewithme
  5. Anonymous says:
    Love the pint of socks idea, hubby is stealing mine at present!
  6. says:
    I know, I'm forever amazing my hubby with things that I have found for a pound which are worth so much more :-)
  7. says:
    Thanks Sara - handmade cards are always much nicer then store brought anyway :-) xx
  8. says:
    I know, I think I am going to have to get one of those frames to give to hubby from Faith as I really like them. Thanks Catriona :-) xx
  9. says:
    Thank you :-)
  10. says:
    Thanks hun :-) Great minds think a like! xx
  11. Great round of ideas for father's day. I usually am on the ball with holidays like these and unique gifts but without wifi I haven't been able to research and get things done that I wanted to. Thanks for the ideas. Hoping to sort it out before Sunday I know naughty me. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
  12. says:
    Love these ideas! Particularly the pint of socks #sharewithme
  13. says:
    Thanks Jenny :-)
  14. says:
    Thanks Rebecca :-)

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