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Logo Grab: Game Review

Welcome to this edition of the regular blog feature Board Game Analysis. This week we are looking at Logo Grab made by Drumond Park. It is for two to four players aged 8+

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Red die with white spots on a grey background
Cards and dice for Logo Grab
A fun card and dice game

What’s in the box?

  • 48 brand item cards
  • Instruction sheet
  • Bag for the dice
  • 6 Normal lettered dice 
  • 2 bell filled lettered dice

Objective and gameplay

The logo grab game is simple but fast paced. The object of the game is to collect two different coloured sets of three cards. For example three red cards and three blue cards. The first to collect two different coloured sets wins the game. 

You layout a three by three grid of cards and then give each player two cards. The rest go on the table for playing the game. All of the dice are put into the dice bag. On your turn, you take out four dice and roll them all together onto the table. Looking at the letters rolled you need to grab a die with a letter that matches the first letter of one of the brand item cards on the grid and shout what it is while grabbing the die.

If successful, you then need to shake the die. If it makes no sound then you win the card which you shouted and a new card from the pile on the table is put in its place. However, if it jingles then not only do you not win the card, but you also have to put one of the cards that you already have back!

Logo Grab cards in a three by three grid ready to play with four dice rolled
You need to be fast in this fun family game!


This game is loved by all as it is simple but really fun to play. We have had it a fair few years now and we still play it often. It is funny when someone thinks that they have won the game only to realise that the die in their hand jingles, so they actually lose one of their cards! We all really like it and I would definitely recommend it as a fun addition to your family game collection. 

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