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Living Planet book review and giveaway

The lovely people from Welbeck publishing sent me a copy of Living Planet for the purpose of this review. They are also giving away another copy to one lucky reader (details at the bottom of this review). 

With libraries shut and schools closed, there has never been a better time to build up your families reading library! 

Living planet

We have been reading this for our non-fiction text in our homeschool and it is really good. It is easy to understand but also informative. It has an app which you can download for free to use with the book too. When you see the symbol for the app you use the app to scan the page and then you can watch a video which supports what you have been reading. 

When we were reading about volcanoes there was a picture of an erupting volcano with the app symbol. We scanned the picture and watched video footage of the volcano erupting. This was great and really helps to cement the learning. 

It is advertised as being great for key stage two readers but Faith is now key stage 3, which is year 7 in British schools. It was still really useful for her as it gives a good understanding for her to then research further and build on the knowledge learned. 

We were also super impressed with the art and images in the book as they are fantastic. It is available from Amazon but if you would like to have a go at winning yourself a copy, take a look at our giveaway below.

Copy of the book living planet
Learn about the earth and the impact of humans
Living planet book open showing inside
Fantastic imagery!
A close up inside page of the book
An example of the app symbol

Win yourself a copy of the book

Living Planet book

I hope that you have found this review useful and if you do get a copy of the book then I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. says:
    My daughter x
  2. Jenny Bruce says:
    My nephew, he is fascinated by all things to do with nature and planet earth. I hope he continues his love of the planet as he starts secondary school soon.
  3. Dale Dow says:
    my son would love it so it would go to him x
  4. james jordan says:
    Fantastic Prize ? keeping my fingers crossed ?
    1. Joanne Hutchings says:
      I'd be giving it to my little boy. He'd love it.
  5. Sarah Fielding says:
    I would give this to my nephew!
  6. Geoff Dagger says:
    My granddaughter - Lucu
    1. Geoff Dagger says:
      Should say Lucy
  7. Tracy Newton says:
    My little boy would love this book.
  8. Joanne Greer says:
    If I won this competition, I will be donating it.
  9. tracy james says:
    if im lucky enough to win ,id gift this book to my nephew..he would love it
  10. Victoria Jardine says:
    I'd give it to my daughter - she's really interested in the natural world so this would be right up her street!
    1. Charlotte Wildman says:
      Be great for my son for home schooling.
  11. Lyndsey cooksey says:
    I would love to give this to my teenage daughter. She is fascinated with our planet and would love to read this.
  12. bex Allum says:
    My daughter would love to win
  13. Helen Arlow says:
    My nephew
  14. Margaret Clarkson says:
    My Godson
  15. Sally Collingwood says:
    My grandson alexander would love this fab book!
  16. chelsey hollings says:
    both of my daughters
  17. Sian Buckingham says:
    My son would find this book very interesting!
  18. Louise N says:
    My little sister :)
  19. Michelle Ferguson says:
    I would give it to my nephew
  20. Janine Phillips says:
    My grandson x
  21. Solange says:
    I would give it to my daughter.
  22. Patricia Barrett says:
    I would love to win this for my Grandson who loves nature books like this.
  23. Angela Sharp says:
    My son and daughter would enjoy this book, I definitely would love to give this to them.
  24. Irene Gilmour says:
    My daughter Jemma
  25. Laura Green says:
    my son
  26. Hannah h says:
    My nephew!
  27. Adrian Bold says:
    My friends son would love t his. Thanks for the competition.
  28. Katy says:
    My son and daughter would both love this
  29. says:
    would be for my daughter
  30. Sam Cornford says:
    My daughter, she enjoys reading about animals and the planet.
  31. Stef Acaster says:
    My grandson
  32. Sam Parkes says:
    Would gift it to my daughter
  33. says:
    My son who is almost 8. He would love it!
  34. Natalie Crossan says:
    My daughter bridie who is 8 :)
  35. Rebecca King says:
    My son would love this book ?
  36. says:
    my neice
  37. michelle o'neill says:
    I would give it to my granddaughter
  38. Deanie Gillies says:
    My daughter , she’s an absolute fanatic when it comes to the planet!
  39. Jeanette Leighton says:
    My daughter Sheriah 7 she loves books
  40. Amber Spilsbury says:
    I'd be giving this to my daughter ?
  41. Pauline Burroughs says:
    It's my granddaughter's birthday soon and she'll be 8, this would be a brilliant present for her. She'd love it
  42. Gemma Hendry says:
    I would gift it to my daughter
  43. Nicki Simpson says:
    My daughter would absolutely love this she would want to read pages as her bedtime story ha
  44. Lauren Porter says:
    My daughter - it's her birthday this month & she would love this :)
  45. claire W says:
    My daughters as I know they would enjoy it so much!
  46. Kate Davies says:
    I’d give this to my son as he loves factual books.
  47. Orange23 says:
    My niece
  48. Dawn says:
    My grandson

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