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Little packets of love.

I like to give my children a little packet of love every year on Valentines day which is basically a small present packed in a variety of different ways over the years with a card to let them know that they are loved and thought of on Valentines day. It is especially nice for my two older girls as they are at the age where they worry about boys and Valentines day makes them worry more then normal so it gives them a nice positive start to the day.

I thought I would share with you the ones that I have made for this year.

I have brought some plain card baskets in the shape of love hearts and I have coloured them in and decorated them with heart shaped buttons, stickers and gems.

I then put some red tissue paper inside and then I added a few little gifts. This year I have brought; heart shaped post-its, heart shaped rubbers, heart shaped chocolate lollies, nail varnish that has red hearts inside and then pink body spray for the older two girls and an ‘I love you’ snow globe for my little one.

I will set them out like in the photograph below for them to find on Valentines morning before they go to school.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    That's a lovely idea!
  2. says:
    What a cute idea xx
  3. says:
    Thank you :-) xx
  4. says:
    Thanks :-)
  5. says:
    That is a great idea! There can be a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day. It's nice to have something special like this, I think I might give this a go for my children next year.x
  6. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky
  7. says:
    Thanks Bek :-) I just love to do things that make them smile.
  8. says:
    Thanks Emily :-)
  9. says:
    We do something similar too, this morning I lined up my daughters dolls and attached to one, a little bag of chocolate hearts and a tiny card I'd made wishing her a happy love day! She was thrilled, she is 4.
  10. says:
    Awww, how lovely :-)
  11. says:
    This is such a cute idea, we have it in our heads that Valentine's day is just about romantic love but to me its about love in general. I usually send out cards to my good friends. I think it's great you give your daughters a little something on their way out to school especially if they are at that age when boys and crushes and who-likes-who is coming about.
  12. says:
    Thanks Leah :-) It went down really well and all three girls were really thankful and happy with their packets of love.
  13. says:
    What a brilliant idea! My girls would love that! #binkylinky
  14. says:
    Thanks Philippa :-)

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