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Little joys, cancer and TV

Welcome to my monthly news post. This time we are looking back at January 2022.

Lots of little joys

There has been a lot of little pockets of joy this month. It is so important to recognise the good parts of life, isn’t it?

Alan Carr

The first was our Christmas present from Lauren and James. Tickets to see Alan Carr at our local theatre. We nearly didn’t go as my mental health always dips in January and we were not even sure what to expect as we have always enjoyed Alan Carr but it is normally panel shows and his chatty man show, never seen him in stand up before.

However, we pushed ourselves to go and we were so glad that we did. We have seen a lot of comedians over the years. I can honestly say, that I have never laughed as much as I did watching Alan Carr. At one point I was crying with laughter and I nearly wet myself!! It was so needed and really brightened a very low time for me. 

A little win

I entered a competition on a local bar’s Facebook page, one of those guess how many posts. It was a guess how many straws were in the photo and I entered as I wanted to see how close I was to the actual number and I won. The prize was a £20 voucher to use that night on food or drinks so I gave it to Chloe (my middle daughter) and we babysat Keaton so she could have a night out. 

A new darts team

Long term readers will know that I used to play for a ladies darts team and I was devastated when the team folded. I do not really have any close real-life friends so that was my only regular social interaction. When it folded it was all out of my hands which made it harder.

So last year I reached out to the ladies darts team league Facebook page and said that I was looking for a new team. The team captain of Stonelodge ladies got in touch and I said that I would go and meet them and see what we thought of each other but then the start of the league was delayed until after Christmas. So it was a good six months at least until I finally got to go and meet everyone. 

My husband thought I was bonkers, walking into a room of people that already know each other, who I had never met. However, how are you going to make new friends if you don’t put yourself out there? So, I took a deep breath and went to my first match. The team is all lovely and I have now been to three matches so far. I am really glad that I made the effort to join. 

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Well done to Chloe

In the space of a week, Chloe passed her driving test and got hired in a new part-time job while Keaton is at nursery. I am so proud of her! Being a mum is hard and she is doing it without any help from the so-called dad, so I am immensely proud.

Tim Hortons comes to Ipswich.  

Tim Hortons opened in Ipswich and the first weekend that they opened, Darren and I, thought that we would go and see what it was like. However, we had not anticipated how popular it would be. There were people queuing out onto the main roads and getting moved on. It was madness, so we decided not to worry. 

One of the great things about having a daughter who can drive is that Chloe said that she would drive me there one morning during the week when it would be less busy! So we went and I had a bacon and egg muffin. Elliot and Keaton had pancakes and then Chloe had a breakfast wrap. I got some Timbits for Elliot to take home as we had heard so much positively for them on socials. 

It was nice to go out for breakfast and the food was not bad. However, I am a Mcdonald’s girl at heart! In my opinion, nothing beats a McMuffin!

Second Breast cancer surgery

On January 18th, I had my second breast cancer surgery. It was to remove more breast tissue that cancer had spread to and also to remove more lymph nodes to see if any more had cancer in them. In the first surgery, they removed three and found it in one.  

On the day, I went in and was told that I was first on the list so I didn’t have long to wait before I was being taken into the theatre. This time it was a bit different than last time. Last time I was given the anaesthetic within a couple of minutes so didn’t know much of what was going on. However, this time it took quite a while before they gave it to me as they were waiting for my stats to hit a certain point.

It was strange laying there while people were all talking medical jargon and doing different things. One of the anaesthetists was talking to me and he told me that often the last thing that you think about before the anaesthetic is what you will dream about so he was telling me to think about swimming with dolphins (as I have a dolphin tattoo that we had been talking about) so that is what I may dream about. Once they administered the anaesthetic I was out like a light. The next thing I knew, I was being told to wake up and it was all over. 

This time I didn’t have any complications, so I was back home by tea time. I think that this surgery was harder on my body than the last as it has been harder to recover from it in terms of pain and healing. I went for my wound check ten days after the surgery and they said it all looks good. So, now it is more waiting to find out the results of this surgery. 

Pink Ribbon, Pink, Ribbon

What I’ve been watching

At the cinema

We only managed to get to one film this month. It was a secret cinema night that is just for unlimited cardholders. It said on the page that I booked the tickets that it was going to be a comedy-drama rated certificate 15. However, when it started it came up 12A and the film was called ‘Belfast’. It was based on a true story of the riots in Belfast in the 70s and was not what we were expecting at all. We left after 30 minutes as it was not for us. 


A Discovery of Witches, season three.

I have written about this show before in my news posts. I was so excited to see the newest season. It is available to watch on Sky TV or through Now if you do not have sky. If you have not heard of this show it is based on a world where vampires, witches and demons exist living amongst the humans but unknown to us. I do not want to give too much away, but there is a fantastic love story and so much more. It is well worth a watch if you like these sorts of shows.    

Stay close

Stay close is available on Netflix and rated certificate 15. It stars James Nesbitt and there are eight episodes in this limited series. It is a crime mystery drama that is full of suspense with lots of twists and turns. Highly recommended as we absolutely loved it. 


Another Nextflix show, rated certificate 18. There are three seasons available to watch and a fourth series has been confirmed. We watched the whole three series this month. The show is all about a man who gets transfixed on certain women and who goes to extreme measures to insert himself into their lives. It is quite dark which is why I guess that it is rated 18 but it is very good! Once we started we couldn’t stop watching! 

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So that is all of my news for the month of January 2022. It has been a quiet month but not too bad in the grand scheme of things. How did January treat you?  

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