Listography – top 5 simple pleasures.

Last Thursday saw the welcomed return of Listography over at Kate takes five which I love so of course I am joining in, although a little late!

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1. Cake.

No matter what life throws at me, nothing is more relaxing then sitting down to a lovely piece of cake with a cup of hot chocolate. Not great for my waist but very lovely and especially nice in the colder weather.

Image courtesy of Dreamstime
2. Reading.

I love to read, any thing from a magazine to a novel and I also love to curl up with my little one and a pile of books. It’s a fantastic way to spend a dark cold winter afternoon. My favourite author is Agatha Christie and I love having an early night to curl up in bed and read for a few hours.

3. Doing my nails.

Doing my nails is one of those things that I really enjoy doing as it lifts my mood and makes me feel much more put together. I think having two teenage daughters that are obsessed with their nails and different nail art designs also helps as they often inspire me to try new things.

4. Chatting with the kids.

I love it when we have time to just sit and chat together. It is so nice connecting with them and seeing the world though their eyes.

Mum on a mission for a better life5. My blog.

I really do love everything that I have to do for my blog, there is nothing that I ever dread, working on it really is a simple pleasure!

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  1. says:
    If only I had nails to paint...Must add that to my to do list.
    Thanks for joining in - your kids are very gorgeous!
  2. says:
    Thanks Kate :-) I did try and comment on your blog but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me, I'll try again later xx

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