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Life Upgrades You Need!

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Hopefully, you will have some sort of money coming in at the minute. We know that everyone’s lives will have changed recently, and for different reasons. Some of you may have completely lost your job due to the outbreak. If so, we hope that you have managed to find a new job, or your old company has taken you back. You might have been furloughed, in which case you would have finally been able to have the break from the working world that everyone desperately needs. But now that the world is returning back to normal, you might find that your life is too. You might be back at work, everything seems to be opening back up, and life does feel somewhat normal again. So, if you have a little bit of spare money to sit on, we want to show you some of the ways you can spend it on yourself because we don’t often spend money on ourselves! 

Six 20 Pound notes held as a fan by a lady
When did you last treat yourself?

A Flashy New Car


This is one of the things that you might not have thought about getting for years. Once we get a car we generally tend to have them for so many years. So you might be looking at your car now and knowing it’s a little worse for wear. So, why not think about getting a new one. One that makes people turn their heads as they see it. One that makes you feel as though you have finally splashed out on something great for you. It might have been such a long time since you spent your money on something so big, so you want to make sure that you’re doing it right. Jaguar XE is one of the cars you might want to look at. It’s the perfect mix of sport and sophistication, a Jaguar is a truly elegant car. We know that the price tag that comes with it might be a lot, but surely the price you pay is worth the quality you get?! This is probably the biggest life upgrades that you can get!

Some Lifestyle Upgrades


Now that everyone is going to be opening back up it’s about time to think about some lifestyle changes. Gyms will soon be open, so will restaurants and bars, all in the new social distancing way of course. So we think now is a great time to think about keeping your lifestyle in check. The weather is going to be absolutely lovely, so now is the time to get back into the summer body mode. Start by focusing on three healthy meals a day. Maybe a snack a day to keep your cravings at bay. Incorporate some walks each week, maybe an Instagram workout or a YouTube live one. You’ll start to feel so much better about your body. Coupled with a summer tan it’ll be newfound confidence. 


A Big Trip Whenever You Can! 

The world is opening its borders, so why not think about taking a trip whenever you can? Perhaps a European city breaks to a country with the least cases. As long as you follow the precautions there’s no reason why you can’t travel around the world and have fun! However, it is worth checking the rules on coming back to the UK as you do not want to spend two weeks in quarantine upon your return! 

White and Red Plane Beside Clouds Low-angle Photography
If funds will not stretch to flying abroad, you could always holiday closer to home.

Which of these life upgrades would you like to do? If money is tight there are ways of achieving the same satisfaction feelings of these life upgrades without breaking the bank. You could give yourself a spa day at home at a fraction of the cost of going to a real spa. Let me know what you think, I always love to hear from you. 

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