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Encouraging kids to be more active

Woman Standing With Hands on Green GrassDo you remember your childhood, racing each other to see who could run the fastest and playing sports at school?  What fun those days were and how happy and healthy all the kids were. Now is the time of technology and it is all so different for our kids. Keeping them active can be a challenge, so we need to make physical activity fun for them through games and laughter.

The benefits of being Active

There are so many benefits to keeping your kids active, it will keep them at a healthy weight and they will develop strong bones and sleep better at night. Unfortunately, there are so many things that can distract kids at bedtime these days, such as  I- pads and games. With all these distractions they may lose out on their sleep which is vital for their growth.

Sleep is very important for kids. A good night’s sleep will help with their mood and their attention span so they can focus on their schoolwork. Studies have shown that kids who get a regular good night sleep are better behaved and have better memory and learning abilities compared to those that don’t. So getting your kids active will keep them healthy and happy and allow them to sleep well. It will also keep you safe in the knowledge that they are getting the best out of life. 

Girl Sleeping in Bed

Choose an appropriate activity

All kids are different so it’s important to find the right activity for your child. Your child may know what they want to try, so don’t just try to get them playing the sports you did when you were younger. Getting them involved in team sports can be great for team building in later life. Playing in school teams can also give them a real sense of belonging. Who knows how far they could excel in the years to come, but there is a lot of fun to be had and places such as school sports tours can take them to training camps and on tours. Most of all let your kids enjoy the sport they do with no pressure from anyone. That way they will love what they are doing and try their best to succeed.

Toddlers being active Playing Soccer, football


Be a role model

Kids tend to do what they see, so be a good role model for your children by showing them a healthy lifestyle. Always show respect to yourself and others and have a positive outlook on life. For every action and deed you do that your child sees, they are learning that this is okay to do. If you are struggling to get your child to eat healthy meals or they are playing video games to often, lead by example. Share some healthy snacks and go for a walk or bike ride. Nobody is perfect but if your child can see you are respectful, healthy and happy they will try to be like you. Habits learned in childhood are taken into adulthood with them.


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