Kangeroo Pup!



When we first started taking Prince out for walks we were really surprised to see how he walked on the lead (if you can call it walking!) He was our third dog and we had never seen anything like it with the other two dogs. Prince was so excited to be outside going for a walk that he would jump along like a little kangaroo! We managed to video a little clip of him.



Now, Prince is much better at walking on his lead, but if he gets excited or if he is having an energy burst, the kangaroo hop reappears!
Has your pet made you laugh out loud recently? I would love to hear about it 🙂 

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  1. says:
    oh how cute is he????!!!!! i literally awwed out loud watching him bounce along!
    I have two cats and one of them is very much like Garfield and he often falls off the table from rolling over and not realising how close to the edge he is... it's pretty amusing!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales, look forward to seeing you back next week!

  2. How cute! My daughter would love this!
  3. says:
    Haha - you should video him!
  4. says:
    He is a sweetheart isn't he!
  5. says:
    That is too cute and funny. No, none of my dogs have ever done that however the Pit Bull and Husky both tried to pull when they were being trained to walk on the leash. Our Maltipoo that we have now was the easiest to train and he never pulled. The video is cute! #Blogstravaganza
  6. says:
    That is hilarious. What a cutey #blogstravaganza
  7. says:
    I think he was a very unique little pup!
  8. says:
    Thank you :-)
  9. says:
    Oh how cute is he???! What lovely enthusiasm for life. My Lab used to pull but never bounced. Thank you for linking up with #Blogstravaganza :)
  10. says:
    I know, I wish I had his energy!

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