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Life update

June News

We are now halfway through the year! Can you believe it? I know that I am going to sound old, but time really does speed up the older I get. June has been a lovely month and just when I was about to give up on summer, the sun came out. I don’t know about you, but I find that the sunshine really does lift my mood so I am feeling pretty good right now. Anyway, I digress! Here is my news for the month of June.


I have tried my best to carry on with Arise, working as a home-based customer service adviser for Npower. However, I was really struggling with the system which I was finding really frustrating as I consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence. I am normally a quick learner, but I just could not pick up how to navigate the CRM. Then payday came and I could not believe it! For approximately 30 hours of work spread over a two week period, I received £55 take off the £25 that my agency takes for their management charges and £30 went into my bank! I am utterly speechless, especially after I questioned if my hours were being correctly recorded a few times when I first started and I was assured that it was all correct and that I would be paid correctly. 

As you can imagine, I was not a happy bunny and I have now handed in my notice. Life is to short to force myself to do something that I am not comfortable with as I was so stressed every shift I worked. I wanted to push through, hoping that things would improve. Unfortunately, when you can not even trust that your hours are being recorded and get paid so little. I just thought ‘I really do not need the stress’! So I am back to looking for something that will fit around my other commitments. Having said that, I have had a lot more interest in my blog lately. I have started to make some money from this which is such a bonus as I mostly blog because I really enjoy doing it. Getting paid is a real bonus and I do now dream of being able to make my blog my main source of income, but we will have to see how things go.



As you can see from my calendar illustration I have not been doing very well attending the Weight Watchers meetings. I did lose 5lbs when I last weighed in though which I was really pleased about! The goal that I set last month was to lose at least 4lbs so I am very happy. This brings my total weight loss to 1st 0.5lbs.

However, I am not looking forward to weighing in on Wednesday as I know that I have not been sticking to the plan properly. I have had a few naughty treats which were not tracked or weight watcher friendly. Like a cheeky Chinese takeaway, a pizza night and a whole bar of Cadbury’s whole nut dairy milk!! Oh well, part of losing weight is being accountable so I need to face up to any damage I have done and get back on the plan. 



Girl sitting on a wall next to the beach eating an ice cream with a flakeWe had a lovely day in Southend visiting the sea life center (review coming soon) and some time in the amusements which was really nice. It was an overcast day but still really warm. I think the clouds put a lot of people off venturing out that day. It was actually really quiet for a Sunday in June. It was so nice getting out for the day and we learned lots of cool facts at the sea life center. 







We have been doing a Harry Potter themed topic in our homeschool. Faith has really enjoyed this and it has been interesting. I brought a chemistry kit and using the idea of being like Harry and doing ‘potion class’ she has really engaged in learning about science and conducting experiments. 

We had to change our reading book as Faith really didn’t like the one we were doing. I decided it is better to let Faith chose the book so that she engages more. She has chosen Awful Auntie by David Walliams which is an easier read than the one that I had picked. However, she actually reads really well but she doesn’t seem to enjoy it very much. I figured that even through Awful Auntie is an easy read for her, I can still set work around the book at a higher level. Work to help with her understanding of the text and using evidence from the text to make assumptions which may not be written in black and white.


Girl in cosplay to look like Deku from anime. The girl is wearing a green and black spiky wig and is holding up a T-shirt which she has brought.We also went to our first ever comic-con! Over the last year, Faith has really gotten into the world of anime and cos playing. It wasn’t long before she started asking about going to a con. I found out that there was one in our town which I thought would be great for a first timer. It would be smaller than the city ones and there is also the chance of meeting other kids with the same interests. Even though it is all becoming much more popular, it is still hard for kids to find like-minded friends that live nearby. I will be writing much more about our experience but I think it deserves its own post, so it will be coming to the blog soon. 





Other news

The baby shower is next weekend and is mostly planned and ready. I am really looking forward to this as Chloe has experienced a really difficult pregnancy. She has been in the hospital a few times and has been sick throughout. It will be nice for her to enjoy herself and celebrate the fact that little babe will soon be making his appearance! 

My bother and his girlfriend also recently announced that they are having a baby. They are also having a boy who is due in December. I am very excited as it will be my first nephew and I will finally be an Auntie!

As I have been writing this, I have received a call from my oldest daughter Lauren. She has her uni results and has achieved a 2:1 degree in psychology and youth studies. I am so proud of her, I know how hard she has worked. I always knew that she could do it but she always doubts herself (no idea where she gets that from!). We have so much to celebrate at the moment, it is lovely. 

Goals for July

  • Lose another 4lbs in weight.
  • Make some plans for the next few months.
  • Read at least one of my library books which I keep renewing!

So, that is all of my news for June. How as June treated you? Have you been up to much? I would love to hear from you.

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