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June idea list

Welcome to the June Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.









Saturday 1st: Purchase all of your needed occasion cards for July. 

Sunday 2nd: Organise your card storage and gift storage.

Monday 3rd: Clean all of your remote controls today.

Tuesday 4th: Give your bath and/or shower a deep clean

Wednesday 5th: Today is World Environment Day so why not set an example to your community and go out litter picking

Thursday 6th: Clean your kitchen bin, inside and outside.

Friday 7th: Today is Fish and Chip Day – why not treat yourself? 

Saturday 8th: Clean your BBQ if you have one, ready for the summer.

Sunday 9th: Dust all of your wall pictures and canvases. 

Monday 10th: Give your sofa cushions a good vacuum. 

Tuesday 11th: Wash down your bannisters for your stairs and landing. 

Wednesday 12th: Have you been putting off seeing your doctor or important medical appointments such as your cervical smear test? If you have, make those appointments today!

Thursday 13th: Hose out and disinfect your wheelie bin.

Friday 14th: Take a duster out to the car and give the inside a good wipe down.

Saturday 15th: Take a look at any hedges and trees in your garden and give them a trim back if needed.

Sunday 16th: Today is fathers day – make sure and celebrate with any important men in your life

Monday 17th: Vacuum your stairs today

Tuesday 18th: Why not have a picnic tea tonight as it’s International Picnic Day. If the weather is not too good, you can always have it indoors. 

Wednesday 19th: Do you have an organised system for your incoming mail? If you don’t, why not put one in place today? 

Thursday 20th: Today is World Productivity Day. Think of a new habit that you can develop to help you be more productive. Take a look at my planning life Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Friday 21st: Give your garden paths a good sweep and tidy. 

Saturday 22nd: Grab some popcorn and treats and enjoy a movie night.

Sunday 23rd: Plan your week’s meals and see if doing this helps make you more organised. 

Monday 24th: Wipe down the outsides of your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. 

Tuesday 25th: Clean and organise your bedside table.

Wednesday 26th: Stock up your car and handbag with reusable bags for when you are out shopping. 

Thursday 27th: Today is Pineapple Day! Yes, there is really such a thing! Why not come up with a pineapple inspired meal or bake?

Friday 28th: Wash down the skirting boards (baseboards) in a room of your choice.

Saturday 29th: Do one of the jobs which you know that you’ve been putting off for a while. Go on, bite the bullet!

Sunday 30th: Today is Social Media Day so have some guilt-free time enjoying it!




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