June 2014

Lauren has now officially left high school and we have been busy getting things ready for her prom which will be this Friday. I think that she is OK, but she has found it difficult to cope with the fact that she is growing up and leaving her high school days behind her, as she really loved her school and she was very involved in all aspects of school life.

Lauren coped with her exams really well, better then we had expected and although she came home from every exam telling us how she had done terribly and probably failed, I am sure that she has done much better then she thinks. Lauren does have a habit of being very negative, which from a parents point of view can be very frustrating, but in all honestly even if she does worse then we are expecting I will still be immensely proud of her as she has worked so hard and all we as parents can really ask of our children is that they do their best.

Chloe has been her normal self just getting on with things, bless her. She is busy preparing herself for work experience and also counting down the days to the summer holidays as Chloe is very different from Lauren and she can not wait to leave high school and grow up!

Faith has also had a busy month as she had her school sports day and her schools summer fair this month. The summer fair was great fun and Faith got to have her first ever donkey ride which she loved. 

On sports day Lauren got to come and watch having finished her exams the day before which was lovely for Faith having her big sister there cheering her on. Faith did really well in all her activities and she said that she liked the running events the best, so she may be taking after her daddy who use to run long distance races for our county when he was a boy. After the events we got to have a picnic with Faith before she went back to her afternoon classes which was lovely. 

I have spent this month trying to sort out my social work degree. As I have already been on the degree and only left due to ill health, I stupidly thought that it would just be a case of sorting out the finance and then telling the university that I wanted to come back and that would be that. I should of know that life is never that easy and as I have been away for seven years I have to start the degree from the start and apply like everyone else. I found this out four days before UCAS closed it’s applications for the September intake, so I have spent the last week running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything sorted out. I am pleased to say that I managed to get everything done by the deadline and I am now nervously waiting to hear if I have been put through to attend the selection day where we have to do a timed written piece, a group debate and a personal interview. It’s very exciting but also very stressful as well!

A great fun packed month with great weather and good times!

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  1. I used to hate sports day! I hope my girls enjoy it. She looks like she's enjoying that donkey ride. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky
  2. says:
    Good luck with the Uni course. It sounds like a great time was had on Sports' Day. I can remember that feeling of negativity when completing an exam. I hope that she has done better than she thinks. Thanks for linking up with #binkylinky
  3. says:
    i hated sports day too, my little girl is starting school in september, so i am looking forward to the new milestone (but dreading her not eating the school dinners lol), seeing your kids grow up can be hard too, my older ones have all gone through, school, college and uni, so each time it ad to see them get ready to go off into the world
  4. says:
    Yes it was her first ever donkey ride and she loved it :-)
  5. says:
    Yes it is hard letting go and realising that they are growing up isn't it?
  6. says:
    Thanks Bek :-)
  7. says:
    Sounds like some exciting times ahead for your girls and you. Fingers crossed for your degree course too.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky
  8. says:
    Fingers crossed for your degree! #FamilyFriday

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