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July idea list

Welcome to the July Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.


Monday 1st: Purchase all of your needed occasion cards for the month of August.

Tuesday 2nd: Organiser and de-clutter one draw in your kitchen

Wednesday 3rd: Today is BBQ day! Why not treat yourself to a BBQ dinner tonight?

Thursday 4th: Make some ice cubes or stock up if you purchase them so that you are ready for summer!

Friday 5th: Clean the inside window and sill in a room of your choice.

Saturday 6th: Get someone to help you pull out your freestanding oven today and give the hidden area a good scrub. It is amazing what people find hiding behind there!

Sunday 7th: Today is chocolate day! If you are like me and a big fan of chocolate then why not bake something chocolatey?

Monday 8th: Polish all of your ornaments and photo frames today.

Tuesday 9th: Organise your bathroom supplies today, discarding any empty or out of date products.

Wednesday 10th: Get some antibacterial wipes or spray and give your landline phone and mobile phone a good clean.

Thursday 11th: Wash the skirting boards (baseboards) in one room of your choice.

Friday 12th: Clean out and organise a cupboard which you store food inside. Remember, to check the dates.

Saturday 13th: Make some homemade pizza today – if you have kids then this is a great activity to get them involved in too.

Sunday 14th: Take a trip to your local library today, they often have activities happening at the weekend. You can borrow boards games, computer games, CDs and DVD’s as well as books so there is something for everyone.

Monday 15th: Clean and organise your shoe storage area. 

Tuesday 16th: Clean your microwave today.

Wednesday 17th: Organise any food storage tubs and jugs that you may have. 

Thursday 18th: Tidy up your garden today.

Friday 19th: Treat your home to a new air freshener or scented candle in a nice summery fragrance.

Saturday 20th: Find a clutter spot (a place which seems to attract clutter!) and get it cleared.

Sunday 21st: Today is ice cream day so why not treat yourself to one!

Monday 22nd: Wash all of your curtains from your upstairs rooms.

Tuesday 23rd: Try a new recipe tonight – they say that variety is the spice of life after all!

Wednesday 24th: Any crafters? Organise and declutter your stash.

Thursday 25th: If you have a ‘junk’ draw (be honest, most of us do!) then declutter and organise it today.

Friday 26th: Clean a radiator of your choice with some warm soapy water. 

Saturday 27th: Here is a challenge for you! Can you find 10 items to either donate, sell or recycle today?

Sunday 28th: Have a screen-free family day!

Monday 29th: Clean out all of your handbags and purses.

Tuesday 30th: Today is ‘International Day of Friendship’. Why not reconnect with some of your friends?

Wednesday 31st: Wash all of your curtains from your downstairs rooms. 

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  1. Oh, I love your idea list Denise! There's plenty to be getting on with. I do love the 21st, never need much of an excuse to have ice cream! :) Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x
  2. says:
    This sounds like a great thing to do! Gonna check out the FB group! #MMBC
  3. I can imagine sitting down, and writing this list, leaves you with a good feeling. Probably even better when you can start to tick them off. Hope July is good for you. #MMBC

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