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A long lockdown first two months of the year!

I must start with an apology as I have somewhat been neglecting this blog of late which is not very fair for regular readers. I think that the cold weather, dark days, and never-ending lockdown finally caught up with me! In terms of my mental health, January has always been my hardest month of the year so add to that an extraordinary long lockdown and it all got a bit too much. 

I think that this lockdown has been much harder than previous ones and I have heard many others saying the same. I think that there was much more uncertainty this time around as we were not given very much information compared to previous ones.

As I write this post we are only a week or so away from the one year anniversary of the first ever lockdown. I never in a million years thought that this would still be happening a year later! Despite the extra long lockdown, I do still have a little news to share from those first two months. 

January 2021

Laurens birthday

My oldest daughter turned 23! That makes me feel very old! It is funny as in my head I always feel like I am still in my 20’s but when I look at my 23-year-old daughter it makes me realise how old I am! I baked her a cake as she does not like store bought birthday cakes. It is so strange not celebrating as we normally would. 


In our homeschool, we started a photography topic. I will be writing a post with much more information and ideas about this soon. Faith enjoyed it and she has a very creative eye. Below are some of my favourite shots that she took when we were doing the topic.


Valentines day

Being in lockdown, we didn’t do much to celebrate this year but I did still manage to put together a small gift for Faith as I always gift the kids on Valentine’s day until they turn 18. We just had a Chinese takeaway and brought each other a practical gift that we knew the other wanted. 

Faiths birthday

Faith turned 13! I now officially only have a teenager and two adults! I felt so bad for Faith as we had been planning a big sleepover for her with all of her friends who live hours away but of course, with Covid, we could not do anything other than a promise that once this is all over she can still have the big sleepover that she had been so excited about. Presents for her birthday were all from an Amazon wish list that she had created. Having a cosplay daughter makes some funny gift requests!

My Covid vaccination

I have been lucky enough to receive my first Covid vaccination. I received the Oxford one and it was all done very professionally. The man who gave the injection was lovely and the injection did not hurt at all. They said that I would be invited back to have my second in about 11 weeks time. 

The following couple of days I did feel pretty rubbish. I felt drained and I had a terrible headache which I very rarely ever have. However, this was all normal side effects from having the vaccine. If you are yet to have yours then please do not let this put you off. It is worth a couple of days of feeling rubbish to know that I am much less likely to get Covid and more importantly, less likely to pass it on to anyone else. 

Home school

This month in our homeschool we have been doing a topic on Japan. This is a topic which Faith is very passionate about which is why we have done it. It has been extremely interesting and we have been making all sorts of things such as Japanese Hamburg steak, peanut butter mochi, and doing marbling and paper crafting along with learning lots of interesting facts. I will do a separate post all about the topic of Japan soon. 

These were much more difficult to make than we anticipated but Faith had so much fun, it didn't really matter that they didn't turn out too good!

So that is all of my news from the long lockdown months of 2021! I hope that you are all doing okay and that you are still making positive memories throughout these strange times!

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