January 2015

January has been a strange month as I have been quite unwell which has made it difficult to get going again after all of the Christmas festivities. 

It has been a month of planning ahead which is lots of fun. We have booked our summer holiday for July, a camping trip in May and a weekend in Yarmouth at Easter, along with a few fun days out along the way.

We have celebrated LJ’s 17th birthday and I have been busy planning FJ’s 7th birthday which will soon be here in February.

Uni has been tough, but I was very excited to receive a ‘first’ for my first assignment which as far as I am aware was the only ‘first’ in my class. I am still waiting to hear back about my other two assignments but fingers crossed all will be well. 

I have always found January to be the hardest month of the year as I get what I call the ‘January blues’ but as the years go by I do seem to be managing it a bit better each year. 

Do you find January hard? Or is there another month of the year that you find particularly difficult? Do you have any idea’s to help banish the January blues?

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