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Ipswich comic-con

Ipswich Comic-con

On Sunday 30th June we attended our first ever comic-con and it was conveniently located  in our home town. Over the last year, Faith has really gotten into anime and cos play so when she asked to go to comic-con I was not surprised. 

We purchased our tickets in advance as that allowed entry an hour before the doors opened to the pay on the gate crowds. We had no idea what to expect or how busy it would be, but we had read that in order to take part in the costume contest you needed to sign up and it was limited to the first 20. Therefore my first mission was to find the sign-up sheet to make sure that Faith got a spot in the contest. 

Mission successful – Faith was the first name on the sheet! Now that I had made sure that Faith would be included in the contest, I had time to actually look around and take in the atmosphere. 

For someone like me who does not know very much about the cosplay world, it was quite a sight. There were all sorts of characters wandering around, even a dead pool dressed as a Disney princess! 

It was not as busy as I imagined it to be, which was a shame as if these types of events do not get enough guests then there is a danger that they will not continue them in the future. 

There were lot’s of stalls and Faith was worried that there would not be much ‘my hero academia’ to buy, but we found a stall full of the stuff, much to my purses dismay! Apart from shopping, they had a costume contest and a couple of speakers. 

Faith didn’t win the costume contest, but I was super proud of her for taking part. It was a shame that there was not more to do, but this didn’t seem to bother Faith as she filled her time making videos and making new friends.

The atmosphere at the event was brilliant. Everyone was so friendly, it was really nice to see. Faith made friends with a few other children and they swapped numbers so that they can talk online which was great.

All in all, Faith had a fantastic time which was the most important thing. The Ipswich event was good but could have done with a few more activities to keep people engaged. 

Faith now has her sights set on the anime and gaming two day conference in Norwich in August, so looks like we will be attending that one next!

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