I’m back and sending out huge apologies!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been absent from the blog and all things blog related of late and I am very sorry to have just disappeared without giving any reasons to my absence. 

I had hoped to have been more organised and to have arranged for posts to go live while the children were off school for the Easter holidays but things did not go as planned. I needed to take some time away to enjoy time with my family and I must say that we did have a very lovely time over Easter and I just wish that I had been more organised so that I could of shared more of what we got up to.

We went camping for a couple of days which I am sure I will blog about soon and while we were away the Themed family fun linky should of gone live for cupcake week but unbeknown to myself there was a few technical issues so it did not go up. I then arranged to do it the following week and life got in the way and I have let things go and gotten myself very behind on the blog so I would like to send out huge apologies for anyone that either wished to link up a post or to anyone that was looking forward to reading about the topic so that they could do some fun activities with their families.

I have also been absent from the linkies that I normally join in with and I have really missed taking part so I will be making sure that I get up to date and start joining in again very soon! 

I think that in life you can get behind in something like my blogging although it applies to lot’s of different things and then the longer you leave it the more of a worry it becomes which then makes it harder to return to and you end up going round in circles and achieving nothing so that is why I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and get back to the blog which starts with this apology post. 

While I have been away I have also made a very important decision which I am super excited about but I can not reveal what that is yet! Once I have sorted out a few things and have more solid plans I will share my news with you all.

Normal services will resume with the new theme for the Themed family fun linky on Monday and I will be posting regularly and keeping up with the community side of things now that I am back.

I hope that everyone has had a brilliant Easter and enjoyed lot’s of family fun!

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