I’m back!!

Hello everyone πŸ™‚
I am back in the land of blogging and I intend to stay! I must apologise to my regular readers for disappearing and not explaining my absence. I feel very bad and I also realise that it was not a good start to a fairly new blog.
I fell ill with my depression and CFS (although the doctors are not sure which was the problem or if it was both as they present very similar symptoms!) so I was unable to continue with the blog as it took everything that I had to just get through the day and hold myself together. This also made me realise that I needed to be more prepared if I was serious about writing this blog and if I really wanted to build this into something that many people would enjoy reading. So once I started to feel better I started making plans so that if I was to fall ill again this blog would not be forgotten. If my readers would be willing to give me a second chance I would very much appreciate it and to any new readers that may well be reading this post as the first entry that they have ever seen, I promise that this blog will get better and is well worth coming back to as I will be posting on a regular basis from now on.
I like to try and find the positive in every situation so for me, although being ill was not very nice, I think that the new ideas and plans I have been able to make will make this a blog worth visiting and that will be a good thing. If I can help or inspire just one person out there then this blog is worth my time and I will be a very happy lady.
As always, I welcome any feedback from you all, good or bad I am happy to hear your opinions.

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