Four pics. Top left - mother and son in Halloween costumes. Top right - Woman standing in a wooden shed with her grandson in front of her inside a wheel barrow. Bottom left - a homemade birthday cake. Bottom right - baby pumpkins still attached to the vines.
Life update

Illness, parties, film reviews and more!

Hello and welcome to another month of news! This one has been a hard month with lots of ups and downs. As always I will include details about the highs and lows of the month along with information about what I have been watching both in the cinema and at home. 

Illness after illness takes over the house!

Oh my goodness! This year seems to have been one thing after another when it comes to feeling unwell! This time we (Elliot and I) had a sickness bug which I must have also passed onto Lauren who was also really sick. Literally, the day after I started to feel better, Darren caught hand, foot, and mouth disease from Keaton who picked it up at nursery. All of the illnesses resulted in things getting cancelled like our big family game night and my birthday plans which was all a bit pants! My brother and nephew also tested positive for COVID so it was a very difficult time with so many people unwell. 

Mental health decline

I had a good nine days of really struggling with my depression too, the first time in a long time that I have struggled so much to manage it. I am proud of myself in regards to not completely falling to pieces and going off of the rails as I would in the past when a bad spell hits, it shows the progress that I have made in managing my depression but it was still very difficult to manage. I found celebrating the small things like if I managed to get a load of washing done and a hot meal cooked in a day as a win rather than focusing on all of the things that I should have been doing really helped me to pull back control. 

I have also been struggling with some other medical issues but I will talk more about that next month as right now, I do not know myself, exactly what is going on!

Birthday blues

As I already mentioned, my birthday plans all got derailed as we were all so ill. I think it affected me more than usual due to last year being my 40th and COVID meaning that I didn’t get to celebrate how I had imagined. So I had been hoping to make up for last year a bit with this year’s birthday only to have it all cancelled again!

However, I know that these things can not be helped really, and I did still have a nice day. Darren and Elliot got me some lovely gifts and Elliot made me a birthday cake. Then once we were all feeling better my dad came over for dinner cooked by Darren. We also went for a breakfast to celebrate too the week after that, so it was still nice, just spread out a bit!

What I’ve been watching

With all of the illnesses, we only managed to get to the cinema twice this month. 


Adams family 2

Just me and Elliot went to this one. It was a good animated movie for families with a nice true to form storyline. Elliot really enjoyed it and watched the first one on Netflix the next day. They preferred the one we watched at the cinema but I think they are both equally good. 

Dear Evan Hanson

This time it was me, Elliot, and Lauren who went to watch this movie. It is a musical that was in theatres before being made into a film. It has a great message about everyone having their own struggles but some people can hide it better than others! It is also very sad at times and emotional. I cried for nearly the whole film! There are some good songs. Lauren and Elliot both loved it.


Squid games

If you have not yet watched this show, what have you been doing? It seems like the whole world has watched it! It is very good and thought-provoking with quite a bit of gore. It has a very dark storyline but it keeps you wanting to know what will happen next.  It was written ten years ago but only recently picked up by Netflix. It is similar to Alice in Borderland which I think I have spoken about before. I enjoyed squid games so much I watched the whole season with Elliot and then again with Darren! It has been confirmed that there will be a season two on its way which is very exciting!

Sex education: a new season

Not for those who are easily embarrassed or offended! We like watching this although we would not feel comfortable watching with any of the kids! It is really funny and it was great to see them teaching about those who identify as nonbinary and issues surrounding wearing a binder. 

Lock and Key: season 2

I think that I have spoken about this one before as well. I was very excited to see season two and it did not disappoint! It had a great ending that hints that there will be another season coming! I really hope that there is. 


Pumpkin patch

We took Keaton to the pumpkin patch when he stayed over. We went to a local farm that we had not been to before called Frogs Farm. It was nice and they had a large selection of pumpkins to choose from. They have a sunflower maze there in the summer so I am definitely going to be going back next year. 


Finally got to do my Halloween party! Really missed it last year, although it was a bit stressful in the lead up to the party as people canceled last minute, both mine and Elliot’s costumes did not arrive in time, some of the food I ordered had disappeared, etc. 

However, I really enjoyed the party once it started and those that came all said that they really enjoyed it too. 

In other news

There is something very strange going on in our home. Things have been going missing and then I was searching through the freezer and I found my slipper that we had been looking for earlier that day! No idea whatsoever how it got inside one of the drawers of the freezer under other boxes of food but it was far too high to have been the grandson. 

I went to a Bodyshop party with Lauren, earlier on in the month when I passed my sickness bug onto her (but I didn’t know at the time that I had it!) and it was nice to do something ‘normal’ and actually socialise with people. Although it has been a month now and I still do not have my order or the knitted pumpkin that I was promised and Halloween is over now! 

Anyway, that is all of my news for this month. I hope that October was kind to you and your loved ones. 

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