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Welcome to the new home of the Idea List. From now on, each month this is where you will be able to find the Idea List. If you are new to the blog, you can find out all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here.

I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list. If you are joining in and you tag me on your post on Instagram then I will share on my stories.

As of July 2020 I have given the Idea List a little make-over! To help us focus, each month is assigned a room and a theme. The rooms are Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living room and Bathrooms which roll around so each room has focus for three months of the year. The themes are all different, some are more fun and others are more helpful, like the July theme of decluttering. 

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The term bathrooms include normal bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms, ensuites, etc. Depending on what you have. This month’s theme is positivity! Positive thoughts can improve mental well-being so we will be adding some positivity to our month!

Wednesday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month. Don’t forget to check out my blog post on keeping your occasions organised

Thursday 2nd: Clean the inside windows and sills in your bathrooms.

Friday 3rd: Wash any nets, curtains, or blinds in your bathrooms.

Saturday 4th: How do you store your personal items (sanitary wear)? Think about how you could make this look better by using pretty storage bags or baskets.

Sunday 5th: Make a list of as many things as possible that you are grateful for now at this very moment in life. You will probably be surprised by how much you have to be grateful for. 

Monday 6th: Make yourself a playlist of music that makes you feel happy and positive so you can play it to pump you up when you need a boost of positivity. 

Tuesday 7th: Sort through your towels. See if you can find a more organised way of storing them and discard any worn ones which you will no longer use.

Wednesday 8th: Give your shower a deep clean today.

Thursday 9th: Monitor your self-thoughts today. Every time you catch yourself thinking something negative, pause and reframe that thought into a positive statement. 

Friday 10th: Declutter all of your toiletries.

Saturday 11th: Watch a funny uplifting movie or a favourite comedian. Laughter is one of life’s best medicines. 

Sunday 12th: Give those toilets a proper deep clean today

Monday 13th: Get outside in nature (your local park or even your garden counts) and take a stroll. Many studies have proven that this can help with mental well-being. 

Tuesday 14th: Clean both sides of all of your bathroom doors and frames today. 

Wednesday 15th: If you have kids who have bath toys, give the toys a clean and organise them.

Thursday 16th: Chuck on your favourite tunes and get your body moving. It is hard to be positive when you feel sluggish so get your body moving to give you that positivity attracting energy. 

Friday 17th: Clean all of your bathroom skirting boards (baseboards) today.

Saturday 18th: Treat yourself! It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be the treat of an early night or a no cooking night.

Sunday 19th: Clean any lighting and switches in your bathrooms. Make sure and take care not to electrocute yourself!

Monday 20th: Sort through your social media accounts and get rid of anyone that doesn’t bring you joy. Replace with some new positive accounts. 

Tuesday 21st: Clean all of the radiators that you have in your bathrooms

Wednesday 22nd: When you are out and about today make it a point to smile and say hello to people as you pass them and compliment people when you are speaking with them. Passing on positivity and love is a great way to lift your own mood and it just might make someone else’s day!

Thursday 23rd: Clean all of the mirrors in your bathrooms

Friday 24th:  Write a summer bucket list of things that are just for you to make you feel good. 

Saturday 25th: Clean all of the sinks in your bathrooms today

Sunday 26th: If you have a shower curtain on a rail, the rail is often forgotten when cleaning so why not give it a good clean.

Monday 27th: A few minutes of mindfulness can really help to centre you and give you the opportunity to see all of the good and positive in your life. 

Tuesday 28th: Dust/clean your bathroom ornaments and other decorative items.

Wednesday 29th: Make a pamper basket with your bath bombs/salts, face packs, candles etc and put it in view in your bathroom to remind yourself to take care of yourself. 

Thursday 30th: Do something that makes you happy today. It could be getting outside, baking, reading, or whatever you feel like that will make you smile. 

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Welcome to the May Idea List! This month the focus is on the living room. This also includes any extra living rooms you have such as conservatories, home office, playroom, or studies. The theme for this month is more fun. So let’s inject a little more fun into our lives!

Sunday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too!

Monday 2nd: Bank holidays are great for BBQs!

Tuesday 3rd: Have a movie night with treats!

Wednesday 4th: Clean any wax/oil burners you have in your home today

Thursday 5th: Treat yourself to some self-care. A face mask, bubble bath or do your nails.

Friday 6th: Clean all of your living room lighting and don’t forget the switches!

Saturday 7th: Clean all of the doors on both sides which are in your living room. 

Sunday 8th: Get outside and have a go at crabbing or geocaching for low-cost fun.

Monday 9th: Clean all of your ornaments, wall art, and other living room décor.

Tuesday 10th: Tuesday nights are my darts nights as I play for a team. Why not think about joining a sport or hobby that gets you out of the house and socialising regularly.

Wednesday 11th: Give your living room skirtings (baseboards) a good clean today

Thursday 12th: Grab an early night with a good book.

Friday 13th: Clean your TV remotes and any other remotes you have in your home with some antibacterial spray. Remember to be careful though and do not spray directly onto the remotes.

Saturday 14th: Host a family Eurovision party!

Sunday 15th: Visit the coast or a forest for some outside fun connecting with nature.

Monday 16th: Declutter and clean your living room cupboards and drawers

Tuesday 17th: Have a board game night.

Wednesday 18th: Clean any living room windows on the inside and don’t forget the sills.  

Thursday 19th: Wash/clean your living room curtains/nets/blinds

Friday 20th: Make dinner time more fun by having conversation topics.

Saturday 21st: If you have any rugs in your living rooms, now is the time to clean them. 

Sunday 22nd: Plan a family day out somewhere fun like a theme park!

Monday 23rd: Get the kids involved with dinner and make homemade pizza.

Tuesday 24th: Turn the music up and dance like no one is watching!

Wednesday 25th: Deep clean your sofa/chairs.

Thursday 26th: Organise any DVDs, games, etc that you keep in your living room.

Friday 27th: Have a date night – no partner? do it with a friend instead!

Saturday 28th: Clean any radiators in your living rooms

Sunday 29th: Pack a picnic and go on an adventure!

Monday 30th: Organise any books, magazines, etc that you keep in your living room.

Tuesday 31st: Think about moving to summer fragranced wax melts/candles/air fresheners as we are moving into summer.

Welcome to the April Idea List! This month the room is the bedrooms, so that includes however many bedrooms you have (including spare rooms/guest rooms). The theme of the month is Spring! Let’s spring forward and have some fun.

Friday 1st – Purchase, order or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too if you want to be super organised!

Saturday 2nd – Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in your Bedrooms

Sunday 3rd – Plant something – you do not have to be green-fingered to have a go. Even if just some herbs in a window box.

Monday 4th – Clean and dust inside your wardrobes. It is amazing how dusty the bottoms of wardrobes can get!

Tuesday 5th – Organise your wellies, umbrellas and waterproofs ready for those April showers!

Wednesday 6th – Clean/dust all of your ornaments/wall art in your bedrooms today.

Thursday 7th – Clean both sides and the frames of any doors in your bedrooms

Friday 8th – Get outside with a good book and relax!

Saturday 9th – Why not take a nice walk and see what signs of spring you can find.

Sunday 10th – Visit a local farmers market and support your community. You may even be lucky and get to see some baby animals.

Monday 11th – Clean the inside of your bedroom windows and sills

Tuesday 12th – Clean any bedroom blinds/nets/curtains

Wednesday 13th – Take some leftover bread or seeds and feed the ducks or birds in your area.

Thursday 14th – Clean all of the lighting in your bedrooms. Think ceiling lighting as well as any lamps. Don’t forget those light switches!

Friday 15th – Make a bird feeder to hang in your garden. There are some great ideas on Pinterest for this.

Saturday 16th – Clean and organise your bedside tables

Sunday 17th – Happy Easter if you celebrate!

Monday 18th – Get out for a family bike ride if the weather permits and you are able.

Tuesday 19th – Clean and organise your make-up area

Wednesday 20th – Is it even spring until you have made a daisy chain? Why not pass on this age-old tradition?

Thursday 21st – Paint your fingernails or toes in a fun spring colour

Friday 22nd – Clean and organise all of your clothes drawers in your bedrooms

Saturday 23rd – Make some homemade lemonade to enjoy

Sunday 24th – Go on a picnic (weather permitting). If it is too cold or raining, have a living room picnic instead!

Monday 25th – Take a broom with a damp cloth around your bedrooms and get rid of any cobwebs and ceiling dust. Also, take a damp cloth for any wall marks that you notice on your way around.

Tuesday 26th – Have a go at upcycling something

Wednesday 27th – Cook something new for dinner using seasonal ingredients.

Thursday 28th – Clean any radiators in your bedrooms

Friday 29th – Organise any reading materials you have in your bedrooms

Saturday 30th – Get outside with chalks and bubbles and be a kid again!

When talking about your kitchen, this also includes your dining room if it is separate from your kitchen and any utility rooms that you may have. This month’s theme is good health. 

Tuesday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for March. Mothers day is this month for the UK and Easter is next month too.

Wednesday 2nd: Give your kitchen helpers a clean such as the toaster, waffle maker, and sandwich toaster.

Thursday 3rd: Clean those kitchen skirting boards (baseboards).

Friday 4th: Give yourself an MOT and make sure that you are looking after yourself. No more putting off doctor appointments etc!

Saturday 5th: Get outside if the weather permits and get some fresh air.

Sunday 6th: Clean your bread and other food storage (things like the tea, coffee and sugar jars, pasta jars etc).

Monday 7th: Train your brain with some puzzles or a game to keep your brain in good health.

Tuesday 8th: Wash out your kitchen bins.

Wednesday 9th: Clean your kitchen doors and frames on both sides.

Thursday 10th: Clean and organise your low-level kitchen cupboards.

Friday 11th: Have a go at some meditation. If you can’t bare the thought of complete silence, there are some fantastic guided meditations on YouTube which I love.

Saturday 12th: Give your kitchen windows and sills a good clean.

Sunday 13th: Clean any nets, curtains or blinds that you have in your kitchen.

Monday 14th: Are you eating the rainbow when it comes to your fruit and veg? It is easy to get stuck in a rut and just eat the same things so why not try something new or something you haven’t had in a long while.

Tuesday 15th: Deep clean those refrigerators. Don’t worry about the freezers – they have their own day later this month.

Wednesday 16th: Do you try and practice mindfulness? I find colouring can be an easy way to practice some mindfulness. Why not have a go today?

Thursday 17th: Clean and tidy all of the drawers in your kitchen today.

Friday 18th: Try and add in a little more movement into your day. Just an extra ten minutes can make a big difference.

Saturday 19th: Time to give those freezers a deep clean.

Sunday 20th: Descale and clean your kettle and clean your microwave too if you have one.

Monday 21st: Sing! Even if it is just in the shower, studies have shown that signing can be great for lifting the mood.

Tuesday 22nd: Do you have any clutter spots in your kitchen? Mine are always inside the breadbin and on top of the fridge-freezer! Find yours and clear them out.

Wednesday 23rd: Pop the music on and dance like nobody’s watching! Get your heart pumping and let the music lift your mood!

Thursday 24th: Clean and organise those high-level kitchen cupboards today.

Friday 25th: Why not phone a friend or family member that you have not spoken to in a while? It is good to check in on people and it is also good to talk for you as well as the person you call.

Saturday 26th: Get yourself outside if the weather is good and stretch those legs.

Sunday 27th: Clean your big white goods such as the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher.

Monday 28th: Give your oven a deep clean today.

Tuesday 29th: Spend some time today doing one of your favourite self-care activities. You deserve time for yourself.

Wednesday 30th: Clean the radiators in your kitchen today.

Thursday 31st: Do you ever spend time journaling. It can be really good for mental health. Why not give it a go. If you can’t think of anything to write there are loads of prompts on Pinterest.

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