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Welcome to the new home of the Idea List. From now on, each month this is where you will be able to find the Idea List. If you are new to the blog, you can find out all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here.

I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list. If you are joining in and you tag me on your post on Instagram then I will share on my stories.

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As of July 2020 I have given the Idea List a little make-over! To help us focus, each month is assigned a room and a theme. The rooms are Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living room and Bathrooms which roll around so each room has focus for three months of the year. The themes are all different, some are more fun and others are more helpful, like the July theme of decluttering. 

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Tuesday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too if you would like to be extra organised. 

Wednesday 2nd: Clean your living room skirting boards (baseboards).

Thursday 3rd: Make yourself a motivational playlist, full of the songs which speak to you and make you feel motivated ready for when you need a lift.

Friday 4th: Clean all of your inside windows and sills in your living room today.

Saturday 5th: Wash curtains/blinds/nets in your living room.

Sunday 6th: Today is National Read a Book day so dig out one of your favourites and have some time for you.

Monday 7th: Clean the inside of any doors which are in your living room. 

Tuesday 8th: Give your sofa and chairs in your living room a deep clean. 

Wednesday 9th: plan in a time slot in your diary for you to enjoy one of your hobbies. If you feel that you do not really have any hobbies then now is the time to think of one that you would like to try. 

Thursday 10th: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. If you have been struggling, reach out and talk to someone today. 

Friday 11th: Clean any radiators in your living room. 

Saturday 12th: Make yourself a calming relaxing playlist today so when you feel the need to stop and take a moment to recentre, you can pop this playlist on and let the music calm your soul. 

Sunday 13th: Have a home beauty night and take care of yourself. 

Monday 14th: Clean your TV remotes and any other remotes you have in your home with some antibacterial spray. Remember to be careful though and do not spray directly onto the remotes. 

Tuesday 15th: Take yourself for a brisk walk around the block and get your blood pumping!

Wednesday 16th: Organise any dvds/games that you have in your living room. 

Thursday 17th: Do some colouring for mindfulness today. You do not need any fancy books or pens, just use one of the kids if you do not have your own. 

Friday 18th: Many studies have shown that volunteer work can be really rewarding so why not join in with the Great British Beach Clean and help keep the beaches clean for everyone. 

Saturday 19th: Treat yourself to something nice today. It can be anything from a chocolate bar or a new pen to a massage or a new outfit depending on your budget and your likes. 

Sunday 20th: Why not bake something today? Baking can be very relaxing and is a great activity to do as a whole family. 

Monday 21st: Organise your books and magazines which you keep in your living room. 

Tuesday 22nd: Clean all of your living room lighting and don’t forget the switches!

Wednesday 23rd: Singing has been proven to be a great mood booster so get the music  on and let yourself go for some fun stress relief. 

Thursday 24th: Write a list of all of the things that you are grateful for today. Seeing your blessings in black and white can really lift your mood. 

Friday 25th: Declutter and clean any cupboards that you have in your living room. 

Saturday 26th: Have a movie night with your favourite movie genre. For me it has to be comedy but whatever is your favourite will make you happy. 

Sunday 27th: Clean all ornaments, art, and other decor in your living room today. 

Monday 28th: Have a brain dump of any negative thoughts that you have on to paper and then destroy it. The act of getting those thoughts out of your head and then seeing them be destroyed can be very cathartic.

Tuesday 29th: Clean all of your oil burners and candle holders etc 

Wednesday 30th: Crank up your favourite tunes and dance like nobody’s watching for ten minutes. It will get your blood pumping and release endorphins to lift your mood. 

Saturday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too if you are super organised.

Sunday 2nd: Why not have a BBQ and enjoy the summer? Even if it rains you can always move it inside!

Monday 3rd: Clean all of the radiators today in all of your bedrooms. 

Tuesday 4th: Turn and flip your mattresses if you have the kind that need it. 

Wednesday 5th: Today is National Play Day so get outside and play!

Thursday 6th: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in all of your bedrooms.

Friday 7th: Make some ice lollies today. You could make fruit ones for the kids or something much stronger for you!

Saturday 8th: Update your candles, air freshners, wax melts etc to summer fragrances.

Sunday 9th: Take a trip to the beach and have some fun!

Monday 10th: Clean any bedroom lighting you have, think lamps, shades, switches etc

Tuesday 11th: Give yourself a pedicure to keep feet sandal ready.

Wednesday 12th: Clean your wardrobes today. It is surprising how much dust can build up inside wardrobes!

Thursday 13th: Today is International Prosecco day. What more excuse do you need to treat yourself to a glass or two!

Friday 14th: Clean all of the draws in your bedroom, inside and out.

Saturday 15th: Wash down all or your bedroom doors on both sides.

Sunday 16th: Why not have a family day out or a day out with friends? Theme parks and zoos are open at time of writing or even just a day at the park can be lots of fun.

Monday 17th: Clean all of the windows and sills in all of the bedrooms in your home. 

Tuesday 18th: Wash the curtains, nets or blinds in all of your bedrooms. 

Wednesday 19th: Swimming pools are open and supposed to be really safe due to the chlorine killing covid-19 so why not go for a swim?

Thursday 20th: Clean and organise all of the bedside tables in your home. 

Friday 21st: If you have children clean their wardrobes and drawers or get them to do it!

Saturday 22nd: Think about what one thing you could do or add to make your bedroom a more relaxing place. 

Sunday 23rd: If you have kids and the weather is nice why not give them a summer pool party. You can use paddling pools, add water bombs, music and ice creams. They will love it!

Monday 24th: Organise your children’s toys that they keep in their bedrooms today. Think keep, sell, donate or recycle. If you have no kids at home, you could organise a spare room if you have one. 

Tuesday 25th: If you have any beds in your home which you can get under, now is the time to clear out what is under them! We have divans so day off for me!

Wednesday 26th: Clean and organise your Jewellery and storage today 

Thursday 27th: Go for an after dinner stroll and see if you can spot any signs that summer is on it’s way out.

Friday 28th: Tidy up your garden, removing any rubbish and weeds.

Saturday 29th: If you have garden furniture, now it the time to clean. 

Sunday 30th: Clean and organise your make-up area/dressing table

Monday 31st: Think about how you will store your summer items such as sunglasses, hats and sun lotions once the weather changes to cooler seasons.

Wednesday 1st: Buy any needed occasion cards for this month, and August too, if you want to be extra organised!

Thursday 2nd: Clean any radiators in your kitchen. 

Friday 3rd: Descale and clean your kettle.

Saturday 4th: Declutter your email inbox. 

Sunday 5th: Clean your kitchen skirting boards (baseboards).

Monday 6th: Declutter your make-up storage.

Tuesday 7th: Whip up something chocolatey in the Kitchen today to celebrate World Chocolate Day! Why not make my chocolate crunch with chocolate custard? 

Wednesday 8th: Clean the toaster.

Thursday 9th: Declutter your phone, deleting any apps, photos and numbers that you no longer need. 

Friday 10th: Clean any lighting in your kitchen and don’t forget the switches!

Saturday 11th: Declutter your social media today, deleting any accounts you do not use and reducing accounts that you follow that bring you no enjoyment. 

Sunday 12th: Today is National Simplicity Day. Declutter your mind today by getting it all out onto paper and reducing your screen time. 

Monday 13th: Clean any fridges or freezers in your home today. 

Tuesday 14th: Clean your bread storage. 

Wednesday 15th: Clean and declutter all of the low level kitchen cupboards.

Thursday 16th: Clean the outside of your large kitchen appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher. 

Friday 17th: Clean your microwave today.

Saturday 18th: Declutter your food today, making sure that you use up anything that needs using up before it is out of date. I wrote a post about the difference between best before and use by date which you may find helpful. 

Sunday 19th: Wash any kitchen nets or blinds.

Monday 20th: Declutter any paperwork you have. Think; mail, magazines, newspapers and lists etc.

Tuesday 21st: Clean and declutter all high level kitchen cupboards.

Wednesday 22nd: Clean any doors that you have in your kitchen. 

Thursday 23rd: Declutter any storage areas you have such as the loft or under the stairs.

Friday 24th: Clean any windows that you have in your kitchen.

Saturday 25th: Today marks the start of National Marine Week iu the UK so why not take a trip to the seaside or find a quieter beach to go crabbing?

Sunday 26th: Clean your kitchen bins. 

Monday 27th: Deep clean your oven.

Tuesday 28th: Declutter your garden today, both back and front. Tidying any weeds or rubbish. 

Wednesday 29th: Clean your tea, coffee and sugar storage today.

Thursday 30th: Today is World Friendship Day so why not check in with friends you have lost touch with or reach out and make some new ones. 

Friday 31st: Clean and declutter any kitchen drawers you have. 

Monday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too!

Tuesday 2nd: Give your oven a good clean

Wednesday 3rd: Clean the radiators in a room of your choice.

Thursday 4th: Investigate under any beds in your home. You never know what you may find! 

Friday 5th: Clean your candle holders and burners etc in your home. 

Saturday 6th: Time to clean out those bins!

Sunday 7th: As today is National Fish and Chip day, why not have a fish and chip dinner tonight, either bought or homemade.

Monday 8th: Get those make-up brushes out and give them a good clean

Tuesday 9th: Declutter and organise your underwear drawers, disposing of any you never wear.

Wednesday 10th: Pick an internal door of you choice and give it a good clean on both sides

Thursday 11th: Take some time for you, even if just a cup of tea and a sit down. Look after yourself!

Friday 12th: Tidy up your garden.

Saturday 13th: Clean and organise a kitchen cupboard of your choice

Sunday 14th: Today is World Blood Donor Day so make plans to donate if you are able too.

Monday 15th: Today marks the start of Loneliness awareness week here in the UK so why not reach out to someone in your community?

Tuesday 16th: Clean your canvas/wall art ect around your home. 

Wednesday 17th: Declutter your bathroom today, disposing of empty or unwanted products. Remember to recycle what you can.

Thursday 18th: Give the skirting boards (baseboards) a clean in a room of your choice. 

Friday 19th: Clean and tidy your shoe storage area, bringing summer footwear to the front if you have not already done so. 

Saturday 20th: If you have kids in your home, time for a toy declutter and tidy up!

Sunday 21st: Today is Fathers day so celebrate however you feel is right for you and yours (or not if it is painful for you).

Monday 22nd: Why not try a new recipe for dinner tonight?

Tuesday 23rd: Clean the inside of a window of choice and the window sill too

Wednesday 24th: Today is National Writing Day so why not put pen to paper and see what you come up with?

Thursday 25th: Organise your summer/picnic supplies

Friday 26th: Organise all of your paperwork/mail etc in your home. Remember to shred any documents with personal information on. 

 Saturday 27th: Why not make yourself a summer playlist on your favourite music streaming service to help lift your mood and get you into the summer spirit!

Sunday 28th: How about making a special family breakfast/brunch for you and your loved ones?

Monday 29th: Organise and tidy your art and craft supplies today

Tuesday 30th: We are halfway through 2020! How are your goals for the year looking? Review them today and see what you can aim for over the next six months. 

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