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Welcome to the new home of the Idea List. From now on, each month this is where you will be able to find the Idea List. If you are new to the blog, you can find out all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here.

I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list. If you are joining in and you tag me on your post on Instagram then I will share on my stories.

As of July 2020 I have given the Idea List a little make-over! To help us focus, each month is assigned a room and a theme. The rooms are Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living room and Bathrooms which roll around so each room has focus for three months of the year. The themes are all different, some are more fun and others are more helpful, like the July theme of decluttering. 

Welcome to the January Idea List! This month the focus is on the living room. This also includes any extra living rooms you have such as conservatories, home office, playroom, or studies. The theme for this month is new beginnings. Many of us will be hoping for a kinder 2022! 

Saturday 1st: Happy new year!! Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too if you are super organised!

Sunday 2nd: Do you have a family calendar system? If you don’t already have a way to keep up to date with what other family members are up to, why not set something up today?

Monday 3rd: Do you set new year resolutions or choose a word of the year? If you haven’t done either yet, today is a good day to pick something.

Tuesday 4th: Clean any wax/oil burners you have in your home today

Wednesday 5th: Clean all of your living room lighting and don’t forget the switches! 

Thursday 6th: Today is the traditional day to take down your Christmas decorations so if you haven’t done that yet, today is the day.

Friday 7th: Clean all of the doors on both sides which are in your living room. 

Saturday 8th: Cook something new today. 

Sunday 9th: Clean all of your ornaments, wall art, and other living room decor.

Monday 10th: Reassess your finances and make a plan now that Christmas is gone.

Tuesday 11th: Give your living room skirting boards (baseboards) a good clean today.

Wednesday 12th: Create a morning routine to try for the next week or so and see if it makes a difference to how you start your day. 

Thursday 13th: Clean your TV remotes and any other remotes you have in your home with some antibacterial spray.

Friday 14th: Declutter and clean your living room cupboards and drawers. 

Saturday 15th: Assess your cleaning systems and see if you need to try anything new. 

Sunday 16th: Take a walk somewhere new today

Monday 17th: Today is known as Blue Monday, the day when most people feel low due to cold weather, dark mornings, and debts from December. Why not watch a movie you have not seen before to cheer yourself up.

Tuesday 18th: Clean any living room windows on the inside and don’t forget the sills.  

Wednesday 19th: Wash/clean your living room curtains/nets/blinds

Thursday 20th: Follow some new social media accounts and get rid of those that make you feel bad. 

Friday 21st: If you have any rugs in your living rooms, now is the time to clean them. 

Saturday 22nd: Read a new book or blog that you have been meaning to start.

Sunday 23rd: Have a no electronics day and give your mind some peace.

Monday 24th: Assess how you spend your free time – are you using it wisely? 

Tuesday 25th: Deep clean your sofa/chairs.

Wednesday 26th: Organise any DVDs, games, etc that you keep in your living room.

Thursday 27th: Organise any books, magazines, etc that you keep in your living room.

Friday 28th: Clean any radiators in your living rooms

Saturday 29th: Try a new food that you have never had before

Sunday 30th: Treat yourself to something new

Monday 31st: Get into some good goal planning habits for the year ahead

Welcome to the December Idea List! This month the room is the bedrooms, so that includes however many bedrooms you have (including spare rooms/guest rooms). The theme of the month is Festive! Here’s to a fun festive December!

Wednesday 1st: Purchase any occasion cards you need this month, not forgetting any seasonal cards.

Thursday 2nd: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in your Bedrooms.

Friday 3rd: Make yourself a festive playlist to get you in the spirit of the season.

Saturday 4th: Clean and dust inside your wardrobes. It is amazing how dusty the bottoms of wardrobes can get!

Sunday 5th: Time for some festive baking! Get in the kitchen with the kids, whole family, friends or just yourself and see what festive creations you can whip up!

Monday 6th: Clean/dust all of your ornaments/wall art in your bedrooms today. 

Tuesday 7th: Clean both sides and the frames of any doors in your bedrooms.

Wednesday 8th: Check local websites for festive events that you may like to attend.

Thursday 9th: Have an early night with a festive book or movie to recharge your batteries.

Friday 10th: Clean the inside of your bedroom windows and sills.

Saturday 11th: Clean any bedroom blinds/nets/curtains.

Sunday 12th: Venture out to a festive event and soak up those festive vibes! Think Xmas markets, ice skating or simply a walk around the local park or woods taking in the winter wildlife.

Monday 13th: Clean all of the lightings in your bedrooms. Think ceiling lighting as well as any lamps. Don’t forget those light switches!

Tuesday 14th: Do something just for you today. It can be anything from the smallest five-minute treat to a more indulgent treat, but today put yourself first!

Wednesday 15th: Do something for someone else today. You could drop an anonymous care package for a friend or neighbour that you know has been having a hard time or donate something to charity, a food bank etc. Anything that helps someone else.

Thursday 16th: Clean and organise your bedside tables.

Friday 17th: Clean and organise your make-up area. 

Saturday 18th: Have a go at some carol singing or Christmas pop songs! If you are not up for public singing you could always make a game of it at home for some festive karaoke.

Sunday 19th: Have a board game evening with hot chocolate and nibbles

Monday 20th: Last minute checks that you have everything you need. Don’t forget things like batteries, gravy and crackers if you use them!

Tuesday 21st: With the extra busyness of the season, don’t forget about loved ones and friends who are isolated and may need someone to give them a call and brighten their day.

Wednesday 22nd: Clean and organise all of your clothes drawers in your bedrooms. 

Thursday 23rd: Take a broom with a damp cloth around your bedrooms and get rid of any cobwebs and ceiling dust. Also, take a damp cloth for any wall marks that you notice on your way around. 

Friday 24th: Deep breath – we are nearly there! Anything that you didn’t get to do this year as you run out of time or money – let it go and focus on all that you have achieved and enjoyed!

Saturday 25th: Happy Christmas! Enjoy your day, no matter how you celebrate!

Sunday 26th: Make sure you know who gifted what so that you can write thank-you notes (or texts!)

Monday 27th: Take some time to slow down and give yourself a well deserved pamper.

Tuesday 28th: Clean any radiators in your bedrooms

Wednesday 29th: Last minute prep for new years eve and day plans. Remember to do what makes you and your loved ones happy not what the rest of the world expects. If you want to party like it’s 1999, go for it! If you would rather go to bed at 9 pm and catch up on much needed sleep, that’s okay too!

Thursday 30th: Organise any reading materials you have in your bedrooms. 

Friday 31st: Reflect back on the last year. Use your socials to remind yourself of all of the happy times and the goals that you met and celebrate getting through another year!

November Idea List in neon orange writing on a background of orange and brown Autumn leaves

When talking about your kitchen, this also includes your dining room if it is separate from your kitchen. This month’s theme is Autumn as we are in the last month of Autumn.

Monday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for the month ahead and December too.

Tuesday 2nd: Clean your toaster and other similar items (sandwich toaster, waffle maker).

Wednesday 3rd: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in your kitchen.

Thursday 4th: Bake something with pumpkins. You could make a pumpkin pie or try making some pumpkin soup.

Friday 5th: Try some smores or toast some marshmallows for bonfire night

Saturday 6th: Give your bread storage a good clean, along with any other food storage containers you have such as tea, sugar, pasta, etc.

Sunday 7th: Go for a walk in the park or forest and take in all the autumnal colours. If you find some leaves you could try some Autumn photography.

Monday 8th: Wash out your kitchen bins.

Tuesday 9th: Clean both sides and the frames of any doors in your kitchen.

Wednesday 10th: Clean and organise all of your low-level kitchen cupboards today.

Thursday 11th: Get the hot chocolate out and enjoy a mug with some sprinkles or cream. It’s the little things in life!

Friday 12th: Clean the inside of your kitchen windows and sills.

Saturday 13th: Clean any kitchen blinds/nets/curtains.

Sunday 14th: Visit a farmers market

Monday 15th: Clean your refrigerators.

Tuesday 16th: See if there are any blackberries left to forage near you

Wednesday 17th: Clean and organise all of your kitchen drawers.

Thursday 18th: Snuggle in blankets with a good book

Friday 19th: Clean your freezers and defrost if needed.

Saturday 20th: Descale and clean your kettle and give your microwave a good clean today if you have one.

Sunday 21st: Have a board game evening

Monday 22nd: Declutter any clutter spots that you have in your kitchen. Ours always seems to be the top of the fridge freezer and inside the bread bin!

Tuesday 23rd: Cook a hearty stew or a warming chilli for tonight’s dinner

Wednesday 24th: Clean and organise your high-level cupboards.

Thursday 25th: Bake something with apples, another Autumn fruit.

Friday 26th: Get the popcorn ready for a movie marathon!.

Saturday 27th: Clean your dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

Sunday 28th: Give your oven a deep clean

Monday 29th: Clear leaves and tidy up your garden

Tuesday 30th: Clean any radiators in your kitchen.

The term bathrooms include normal bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms, ensuites, etc. Depending on what you have. This month’s theme is ‘Money’ as now is a good time to make some savings or earn a little extra for Christmas.

Friday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month. If you like to be super organised it is normally a good idea to buy any needed cards until after January now as shops fill their shelves with Christmas cards making there a lot fewer other types of cards to chose from.

Saturday 2nd: Clean the inside windows and sills in your bathrooms.

Sunday 3rd: Wash any nets, curtains, or blinds in your bathrooms

Monday 4th: How do you store your personal items (sanitary wear)? Think about how you could make this look better by using pretty storage bags or baskets.

Tuesday 5th: Start buying a couple of extra treats that have a long date on every time you shop and add them to a box that you keep away ready for Xmas. That way, when Xmas comes around, you will already have a good amount so your Xmas food shop will be less expensive and probably a bit less stressful too!

Wednesday 6th: Sign up to a couple of survey sites and make a point of spending an hour or two a week. By early December you should be able to cash out and put the money towards your Xmas.

Thursday 7th: Give your shower a deep clean today.

Friday 8th: Sort through your towels. See if you can find a more organised way of storing them and discard any worn ones which you will no longer use.

Saturday 9th: If you are someone who rarely meal plans, try meal planning for one month. Going to the shops with a list and buying one week at a time will normally save people money in the long run and reduce the need or temptation to get takeaways.

Sunday 10th: Declutter all of your toiletries.

Monday 11th: Give those toilets a proper deep clean today

Tuesday 12th: Have a clear out and list some items on eBay or FB marketplace to earn some extra cash for things that you no longer want or need.

Wednesday 13th: Look through your accounts and make sure that you are not still paying for subscriptions to things that you do not use or really need.

Thursday 14th: Clean both sides of all of your bathroom doors and frames

Friday 15th: Start planning out your Christmas celebrations if you haven’t already so you can see what you’re aiming for and what funds you will have.

Saturday 16th: If you have kids who have bath toys, give the toys a clean and organise them.

Sunday 17th: Clean all of your bathroom skirting boards (baseboards) today.

Monday 18th: Challenge yourself to a no-spend week. Apart from bills and your food shop, see if you can go the whole week without spending any money!

Tuesday 19th: Clean any lighting and switches in your bathrooms. Make sure and take care not to electrocute yourself!

Wednesday 20th: Although most people do not use much cash nowadays, throw any change you have in your purse into a tin and don’t touch it until December 1st. You may be surprised at how much adds up.

Thursday 21st: If you drive to work or school, why not see if you can car share with someone? One week you drive them, the next, they drive you. Not only will you be saving on petrol but you will also be helping the environment.

Friday 22nd: Clean all of the radiators that you have in your bathrooms

Saturday 23rd: Cut back on some unnecessary treats and keep the money for Xmas spending when you can enjoy the treats all the more for going without for 6 weeks. Things like no coffee shop trips. No takeaways. No alcohol, whatever you feel you can happily go without in order to have a good Xmas.

Sunday 24th: Clean all of the mirrors in your bathrooms

Monday 25th: Clean all of the sinks in your bathrooms today

Tuesday 26th: Try swapping to a lower costing brand for a few of your usual items the next time you do your grocery shop. You may find that you like some of the lower-cost brands and all those pennies add up over time.

Wednesday 27th: Dust/clean your bathroom ornaments and other decorative items.

Thursday 28th: Have a go at batch cooking a few meals as this not only saves money from bulk ingredients but also your time as you can freeze some for busier times.

Friday 29th: If you have a shower curtain on a rail, the rail is often forgotten when cleaning so why not give it a good clean.

Saturday 30th: – Do a food and drink inventory and plan to use up as much as you can over the next couple of weeks. This will save you money on your shopping, reduce waste and make room for Xmas items.

Sunday 31st: Happy Halloween guys! Enjoy your day!

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