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Welcome to the new home of the Idea List. From now on, each month this is where you will be able to find the Idea List. If you are new to the blog, you can find out all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here.

I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list. If you are joining in and you tag me on your post on Instagram then I will share on my stories.

As of July 2020 I have given the Idea List a little make-over! To help us focus, each month is assigned a room and a theme. The rooms are Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living room and Bathrooms which roll around so each room has focus for three months of the year. The themes are all different, some are more fun and others are more helpful, like the July theme of decluttering. 

Welcome to the September Idea List! This month the focus is on the living room. This also includes any extra living rooms you have such as conservatories, home office, playroom, or studies. The theme for this month is self-care 

Wednesday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too!

Thursday 2nd: Clean any wax/oil burners you have in your home today. 

Friday 3rd: Clean all of the doors on both sides which are in your living room. 

Saturday 4th: Make yourself a motivational playlist to listen to when you need a lift.

Sunday 5th: Go out for a walk somewhere tranquil to clear your head and get your body moving. 

Monday 6th: Give your living room skirtings (baseboards) a good clean today. 

Tuesday 7th: Clean your TV remotes and any other remotes you have in your home with some antibacterial spray. Remember to be careful though and do not spray directly onto the remotes.

Wednesday 8th: Do some singing! Research suggests that singing can lift the mood and be good for the soul.

Thursday 9th: Clean any living room windows on the inside and don’t forget the sills.  

Friday 10th: Wash/clean your living room curtains/nets/blinds

Saturday 11th: Write a gratitude list. Seeing all that you have to be thankful for can be a great mood lifter. 

Sunday 12th: Have a movie night and watch an old favourite or something new that you have been looking forward to watching. 

Monday 13th:  If you have any rugs in your living rooms, now is the time to clean them. 

Tuesday 14th: Deep clean your sofa/chairs.

Wednesday 15th: Have a go at some colouring. It can be great for mindfulness. 

Thursday 16th: Clean any radiators in your living rooms. 

Friday 17th: Declutter and clean your living room cupboards and drawers. 

Saturday 18th: Have a pamper night and look after yourself tonight. 

Sunday 19th: Do some reading and switch off from technology and screens. 

Monday 20th: Clean all of your living room lighting and don’t forget the switches!

Tuesday 21st: Book in some time for yourself to pursue your hobbies or at least some time to think of what you would like to do for hobbies!

Wednesday 22nd:  Treat yourself to something small like a magazine or some new nail varnish. 

Thursday 23rd: Organise any books, magazines, etc that you keep in your living room.

Friday 24th: Write down any negative thoughts that are taking up space in your head and then destroy the paper. The act of doing this can help to eliminate those thoughts from your mind. 

Saturday 25th: Clean all of your ornaments, wall art, and other living room decor. 

Sunday 26th: Turn up your tunes and dance like nobody’s watching!

Monday 27th: Make a box of happy for yourself. You could add things that you know will make you smile like photographs, beauty products, games. Then when you need a mood lift, go to your happy box. 

Tuesday 28th: Talk to someone. If you are low and need support reach out to family, friends, or professionals. If you are in a good place right now, how about offering support to someone else?

Wednesday 29th: Organise any DVDs, games, etc that you keep in your living room.

Thursday 30th: How much water are you drinking? It is important to keep hydrated and making small changes can make a big difference. How about swapping one caffeinated or sugary drink for a glass of water each day?

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Welcome to the August Idea List! This month the room is the bedrooms, so that includes how many bedrooms you have (including spare rooms/guest rooms). The theme of the month is summer! Let’s hope it is sunny and fun!

Sunday 1st: Purchase any occasion cards you need this month, not forgetting any seasonal cards.

Monday 2nd: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in your bedrooms. 

Tuesday 3rd: Make some homemade ice lollies. If you do not have any little kids at home you could add your favourite tipple to make some alco-pops, just for you!

Wednesday 4th: Clean and dust inside your wardrobes. It is amazing how dusty the bottoms of wardrobes can get!

Thursday 5th: Have a water fight in the garden! Even the teens normally like to get involved in these types of activities! 

Friday 6th: Clean/dust all of your ornaments/wall art in your bedrooms today. 

Saturday 7th: Visit a beech and build some sandcastles or bury someone in the sand!  

Sunday 8th: Make a summer playlist with all of your favourite summer-themed songs. 

Monday 9th: Clean the insides of all of your bedroom windows and the sills. 

Tuesday 10th: Clean/wash all of your bedroom curtains/blinds/nets.

Wednesday 11th: Treat yourself to some beautiful sunflowers to brighten up your home and bring summer inside. 

Thursday 12th: Clean all of the lightings in your bedrooms. Think ceiling lighting as well as any lamps. Don’t forget those light switches!

Friday 13th: If the weather is good, why not take dinner outside tonight and dine alfresco. 

Saturday 14th: Head to the pool for some splash time. The kids can burn off energy while you cool off. 

Sunday 15th: Get the family together for a retro sports day in your garden. 

Monday 16th: Clean and organise your bedside tables.

Tuesday 17th: If you are at home today, why not have a chilled-out PJ day?

Wednesday 18th: Clean all of the doors and frames on both sides for all of your bedrooms today

Thursday 19th: Clean all of your bedroom radiators

Friday 20th: Go berry picking for a healthy, yummy summer activity!

Saturday 21st: Have a board game night and enjoy some screen-free fun.

Sunday 22nd: Take a trip to the park for some free fun. You could always visit a park that you have never been to before to mix things up. 

Monday 23rd: Clean and organise all of your clothes drawers in your bedrooms. 

Tuesday 24th: Why not head out for a family bike ride?

Wednesday 25th: Organise any reading materials you have in your bedrooms. 

Thursday 26th: Go out exploring and have a go at some geocaching

Friday 27th: Clean and organise your make-up area. 

Saturday 28th: Take some messy crafts out into the garden for easier clean-up. You could take out some paints, tie-dye T-shirts or make slime!

Sunday 29th: Pitch your tent in your garden for a free camping adventure!

Monday 30th: Gather all of your best pictures and make summer scrapbooks to record your summer of fun. 

Tuesday 31st: Take a broom with a damp cloth around your bedrooms and get rid of any cobwebs and ceiling dust. Also, take a damp cloth for any wall marks that you notice on your way around. 

When talking about your kitchen, this also includes your dining room if it is separate from your kitchen. This month’s theme is mental health. Everyone needs to do activities to keep their mental health in good spirits (some more than others) so this month I have added activities that are said to be good for mental well-being. 

Thursday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for the month ahead (and August if you are extra organised!)

Friday 2nd: Clean your toaster and other similar items (sandwich toaster, waffle maker).

Saturday 3rd: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in your kitchen.

Sunday 4th: Take a walk in nature. You could head to the park or a local forest and take in the natural surroundings. 

Monday 5th: Give your oven a deep clean. 

Tuesday 6th: Give your bread storage a good clean, along with any other food storage containers you have such as tea, sugar, pasta, etc.

Wednesday 7th: Do you ever journal? Writing in a journal can be a great tool for self-discovery as well as improving mental health. Why not have a go today, if you are unsure what to write just google journal prompts and something is sure to inspire you. 

Thursday 8th: Wash out your kitchen bins.

Friday 9th: Clean both sides and the frames of any doors in your kitchen. 

Saturday 10th: Clean and organise all of your low-level kitchen cupboards today. 

Sunday 11th:  Gardening is said to aid mental health so why not have a go? If you do not have a garden you could try indoor plants or herbs, an allotment, or helping a family member with their garden. 

Monday 12th: Clean the inside of your kitchen windows and sills. 

Tuesday 13th: Clean any kitchen blinds/nets/curtains.

Wednesday 14th: Have you ever tried guided meditation? There are so many available for free on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or apps on your phone. Give it a try today.

Thursday 15th: Clean your refrigerators. 

Friday 16th: Take some time for yourself and do some reading. Getting lost in a book can be extremely relaxing. 

Saturday 17th: Clean and organise all of your kitchen drawers.

Sunday 18th: The beach can be such a calming place. If you are able, take a trip to the seaside. If finances are a worry, head to a less touristy part of the coast where there are no arcades or things to tempt the kids. 

Monday 19th: Clean your freezers and defrost if needed.

Tuesday 20th: Descale and clean your kettle and give your microwave a good clean today if you have one. 

Wednesday 21st: Play some board games today. Screen-free family fun makes better family connections.

Thursday 22nd: Declutter any clutter spots that you have in your kitchen. Ours always seems to be the top of the fridge freezer and inside the bread bin!

Friday 23rd: Donate something you no longer need to charity or if you do not have anything physical to give, why not donate an hour of your time to helping clean up your neighbourhood. 

Saturday 24th: Clean and organise your high-level cupboards. 

Sunday 25th: Watch the sun rise or set with a nice hot tea or cold drink and just take in the beauty. 

Monday 26th: Do you ever do any colouring in? There are loads of adult colouring books available and they can be brilliant for mindfulness. 

Tuesday 27th: Clean your dishwasher, washing machine etc.

Wednesday 28th: Dancing to your favourite music is good for the soul! It gets you moving and your blood pumping and releases endorphins that make you feel happy. So, get those tunes on and dance!

Thursday 29th: Phone or video chat with a friend or family member you have not spoken to in a while and have a good catch up. Not only will it make you feel good to connect, but it could also make their day too. 

Friday 30th: Clean any radiators in your kitchen. 

Saturday 31st: Give yourself a pamper night. Self-care is essential for good mental well being so look after yourself and enjoy it!

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The term bathrooms include normal bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms, ensuites, etc. Depending on what you have. This month’s theme is ‘positivity’ as having a positive outlook on life improves mental well-being.

Tuesday 1st: Buy or make any needed occasion cards for this month and next month too! Don’t forget about Fathers Day.

Wednesday 2nd: Clean the inside windows and sills in your bathrooms.

Thursday 3rd: Wash any nets, curtains, or blinds in your bathrooms. 

Friday 4th: How do you store your personal items (sanitary wear)? Think about how you could make this look better by using pretty storage bags or baskets.

Saturday 5th: Do something for others. As today is ‘World Environment Day’ with the theme, ecosystem restoration, why not help clean up a local part of your commumity? 

Sunday 6th: Get outside today. Whether it’s in your garden, a walk in a forest, or just a stroll around your local area. Being outside is said to improve well-being and make you feel more positive.

Monday 7th: Give your shower a deep clean today.

Tuesday 8th: Sort through your towels. See if you can find a more organised way of storing them and discard any worn ones which you will no longer use. 

Wednesday 9th: Make a list of all that you have to be grateful for. Don’t forget to be thankful for the things that we take for granted like having clean water and a roof over our heads. 

Thursday 10th: Declutter all of your toiletries. 

Friday 11th: Give those toilets a proper deep clean today. 

Saturday 12th:   Do something for yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish! 

Sunday 13th: Give everyone you see today at least one genuine compliment. Share the love and positivity.

Monday 14th: Clean both sides of all of your bathroom doors and frames. 

Tuesday 15th:  Try using a positive affirmation and see if it makes a difference.

Wednesday 16th: If you have kids who have bath toys, give the toys a clean and organise them.

Thursday 17th: Clean all of your bathroom skirting boards (baseboards) today. 

Friday 18th: Give yourself a treat for all that you do. Anything from a slice of cake, a long hot soak to a new outfit. If you want it and can afford it, do it!

Saturday 19th: Clean any lighting and switches in your bathrooms. Make sure and take care not to electrocute yourself! 

Sunday 20th: Go on a nature walk and see what you can spot.  

Monday 21st:  Review your sleep habits. Are there any ways you can improve the quality or amount of sleep that you have each night?

Tuesday 22nd: Clean all of the radiators that you have in your bathrooms. 

Wednesday 23rd: Smile! Even if you really do not feel like smiling, did you know that looking in the mirror and fake smiling can fool the brain into believing that you are happy. So, smile and see if your mood improves. 

Thursday 24th: Clean all of the mirrors in your bathrooms.

Friday 25th: Clean all of the sinks in your bathrooms today.

Saturday 26th: Do you practice mindfulness? There are many ways to have a go. You could listen to a guided meditation or do some colouring for example. 

Sunday 27th: Dust/clean your bathroom ornaments and other decorative items.

Monday 28th: A positive start to the day can make a huge difference to how the day pans out. Why not make a new morning routine which is sure to guarantee that you have a positive start each morning.

Tuesday 29th: If you have a shower curtain on a rail, the rail is often forgotten when cleaning so why not give it a good clean.

Wednesday 30th: Talking about how you think or feel about things is a great way to make yourself feel better. Even if it is just gossip about something unimportant, you will feel much more positive about things. Ever want to chat, just send me a message 🙂

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