The Idea List

Welcome to the new home of the Idea List. From now on, each month this is where you will be able to find the Idea List. If you are new to the blog, you can find out all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here.

I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list. If you are joining in and you tag me on your post on Instagram then I will share on my stories.


Sunday 1st: Buy all of your needed occasion cards for this month and next month too!

Monday 2nd: Today is National Old Stuff Day so why not declutter a cupboard of choice to get rid of the old and make room for anything new. 

Tuesday 3rd: Give your microwave a good clean today.

Wednesday 4th: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in a room of your choice.

Thursday 5th: Today is World Book Day so why not pop to your local library or book shops and have a good read.

Friday 6th: Clean all of your light switches and door handles today with a slightly damp cloth. Remember to be careful when cleaning the light switches!

Saturday 7th: Clean and organise your coat and accessories storage area.

Sunday 8th: Today is International Women’s day so why not show the women in your life who inspire you the most some love. 

Monday 9th: Clean and descale your kettle today.

Tuesday 10th: How do you currently store your herbs and spices? Why not give them a clean and tidy, discarding any that are no longer needed. 

Wednesday 11th: Sometimes it is easy to forget that the tools we use for cleaning also need to be cleaned so why not give your hoover a clean today?

Thursday 12th: Clean a radiator in a room of your choice.

Friday 13th: Give your garden a quick tidy up and evaluate what you would like to do with it this year. 

Saturday 14th: Tidy and organise your bakeware/pots and pans. 

Sunday 15th: How about a day trip today? It does not need to be expensive, there are lots of fun days out for very little. 

Monday 16th: Give your email inboxes a clear out today. 

Tuesday 17th: Wash down an inside door of choice today on both sides.

Wednesday 18th: Today is Global Recycling day so why not see how much you can find at home to recycle. 

Thursday 19th: Invest in some new spring fragrances for your home in your favourite candles or burners or whatever you prefer to use. 

Friday 20th: Today is International day of Happiness so why not spread some happiness to others today?

Saturday 21st: Write some poetry for World poetry day!

Sunday 22nd: Happy Mothers Day if you are a mum – enjoy your day!

Monday 23rd: Deep clean your dining table and chairs today. 

Tuesday 24th: Clean and organise all of your books and magazines storage. 

Wednesday 25th: Clean the inside of a window and sill of your choice today. 

Thursday 26th: Time for a good oven clean. 

Friday 27th: Polish all of your mirrors today.

Saturday 28th: Catch up on any unfinished projects or jobs around the house today.

Sunday 29th: Remember to spring forward today! The clocks go forward by one hour at 1 am in the UK. 

Monday 30th: Swap out your winter clothes for your spring and summer clothing. 

Tuesday 31st: If you have kids at home, then give those toys a good tidy up. 

Love hearts and love letters

Saturday 1st: Buy any needed occasion cards for this month and the next.

Sunday 2nd: Today is Yorkshire pudding day so why not cook a lovely roast dinner and show off your yorkies? 

Monday 3rd: Organise all of your cutlery and utensils today.

Tuesday 4th: Clean a radiator in a room of your choice.

Wednesday 5th: Organise a clothes drawer of choice.

Thursday 6th: Clean and organise your freezer today. 

Friday 7th: Wash down the skirting boards (baseboards) in a room of your choice.

Saturday 8th: If you have a car it is time to give the inside a good clean. 

Sunday 9th: Today is read in the bath day! Why not have a relaxing soak with a good book. 

Monday 10th: Give your toaster a good clean today. 

Tuesday 11th: Clean and organise your cup storage. 

Wednesday 12th: Clean the inside of a window and sill of your choice.

Thursday 13th: Take an after dinner stroll after dinner and take some time to notice the area where you live.

Friday 14th: Celebrate Valentine’s day and if you are not sharing the day with someone special this year then celebrate the love you have for yourself and treat yourself! 

Saturday 15th: Clean your candles and burners today. 

Sunday 16th: Do something nice for a neighbour, family member or friend today and share the love.

Monday 17th: Pick a room and clean all of the lampshades/lighting in the room. 

Tuesday 18th: Organise your makeup and/or beauty products.

Wednesday 19th: Do you normally menu plan? If you do not, then why not plan the next week’s meals and see how you get on. 

Thursday 20th: Wipe down the outside of all of your big appliances today. For example; the dishwasher, washing machine etc.

Friday 21st: Organise your pens and discard any that no longer work.

Saturday 22nd: Pick one of your kitchen cupboards to empty out. Give the inside a good clean and then organise the items back inside. 

Sunday 23rd: Grab a bag and a torch (flashlight) and take a look under all of the beds in your house that you can put things under. You never know what you could find!

Monday 24th: Organise your important documents and paperwork today. Make sure that if you are recycling any paper with personal information on, that you shred it first. 

Tuesday 25th: Today is Shrove Tuesday. Why not enjoy some pancakes?

Wednesday 26th: Take five minutes and dance to your favourite song. Get that blood pumping and lift your mood.

Thursday 27th: Pick an inside door of your choice and give it a clean on both sides. 

Friday 28th: Dust all of your wall art/canvases etc.

Saturday 29th: Today only happens once every four years so why not use the extra day to pamper yourself! 

Wednesday 1st: Happy new year!! Enjoy your day!

Thursday 2nd: Take stock of leftovers from the festive season and plan to use them up or donate anything you know you will not use to charity. 

Friday 3rd: Descale and clean your kettle

Saturday 4th: Deep clean your oven today, I know mine always needs a good clean after all of that festive cooking!

Sunday 5th: Today is the twelfth night, so make sure that all of your Christmas decorations are organised and packed away by the end of today. It is supposedly bad luck to take them down after tonight!

Monday 6th: Clean a radiator from a room of your choice today. 

Tuesday 7th: Buy any needed occasion cards for the rest of this month and next month too. Include a couple of generic cards for any unexpected things that may pop up. 

Wednesday 8th: Today is #nationalbubblebathday so why not treat yourself to a nice long soak in the tub. You deserve some ‘me’ time. 

Thursday 9th: Clean all of your bannisters (handrails) in your home today. 

Friday 10th: Clean all of your keyboards, remotes and phones with antibacterial wipes. It is amazing how many germs these can gather but they are often forgotten about. 

Saturday 11th: Give your sofa and armchairs a good clean today. Hoover it, wash it down or remove the covers and wash them. 

Sunday 12th: Today marks 125 years of the National Trust. Why not visit one of their stunning locations and get some fresh air?

Monday 13th: Clean the inside of a window and sill of your choice.

Tuesday 14th: Organise your linen storage today (towels, tea towels, bed sheets etc) and donate any unwanted items or discard if no longer useable. 

Wednesday 15th: Give all of your mirrors a polish today. 

Thursday 16th: See how much paper clutter you can find in your home today and recycle it. 

Friday 17th: Clean the top of your fridge freezer, it is amazing the clutter it can attract!

Saturday 18th: Tie a damp cloth to the end of a broom handle and take a trip around your home getting rid of any cobwebs that you find. 

Sunday 19th: Today is #popcornday, so why not have a movie day and tuck in!

Monday 20th: Today is known as blue monday as it is supposed to be when people feel at their lowest each year. Why not reach out to friends, family or neighbours and check that they are doing okay?

Tuesday 21st: Clean the skirting boards (baseboards) in a room of your choice.

Wednesday 22nd: Make a list of things that you are grateful for today or from the last week. Remembering what we have to be happy about regularly can lift low moods.

Thursday 23rd: Empty, clean and organise your handbag and purse (purse and wallet).

Friday 24th: Turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching for ten minutes. This will get your blood pumping and lift your mood too!

Saturday 25th: Most people have at least one junk draw in their home, clean out one of yours today!

Sunday 26th: Cook a meal with your partner, kids or friends today.

Monday 27th: Sort through your medications, disposing of any expired or no longer needed items. 

Tuesday 28th: Safety check! Check all of your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide alarms are working.

Wednesday 29th: Clean all of the door handles in your home today.

Thursday 30th: Wash down the outside of all of your kitchen cupboards today.

Friday 31st: Organise your food storage containers, these can often take over the kitchen if you are not careful! 

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