I could not live without my fridge freezer!

When asked the question which household appliance could I not live without my first thought, like most, was none of them! But on reflection I suppose I could live without most modern items that we have now as our great grandparents once did. While I greatly admire what my nana went through during the war, keeping house with none of today’s luxuries, I am sure that if she could of chosen to use the items that we use today she would of done. She was a very wise hard working woman and she was not at all stupid!
Anyway, after giving this a lot of thought I have decided that the household appliance that I could not in a million years ever live without is my fridge freezer. The fridge freezer is often forgotten with many people thinking how they could not do without their dish washer or their washing machine, but the fridge freezer is in fact, in my opinion, the most important household appliance in the world.
Just think what life would be like if we had nowhere to store our food! Keeping our food in the fridge or freezer stores our food in a healthy safe and convenient way. We can buy our food for the week from the supermarket saving us money because we have that safe place to keep our food fresh.
Being a wife and a mother to three growing girls, I know how important it is to keep the family fed. We need the convenience of the fridge freezer to ensure that we are able to provide three nutritious interesting meals a day. At the evening meal not only do we enjoy our food, we also talk about our days, laughing and debating, sharing our successes and our problems.
If we had no fridge freezer we would be faced with the constant threat of our food becoming contaminated and our lovely children falling ill with all sorts of food poisonings and other nasty illnesses.
The fridge freezer is like an important friend to us mums looking after the food that we give to our families and for that reason I know for a fact that I could never live without my fridge freezer!

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/Part Select ’Love Your Appliance’ competition

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