Lady relaxing in a bath with a face mask on and a towel on her head reading a book in her home spa
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Home spa ideas

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Treatments in luxury spas are an amazing treat but for most of us, something that rarely happens as they can be very expensive. However, there are ways to have that same relaxing me time at home, so here are my ideas for creating your own at home spa. 

Turn your bathroom into a spa

flashing light for use in baths or spas
Disco Floating LED Bath, Spa, Pool Light

Bath board, grey
Bath board
Home spa water massage mat for your bath, lady laying on the mat in a white bath
Relax Spa Mat With Body Water Massage

6 pink patterned bath bombs
Beautiful bath bombs

You can turn your bathroom into a home spa with a few extras. Candles are great for adding atmosphere in the bath and scented ones add to the experience. However, for something a bit different I love this floating disco light. I think this would create a very relaxing sensory experience if you turned off the lights and played some soothing music. 

Bath boards have become extremely popular and not only do they look lovely in  your bathroom, they are also very functional. You can get ones which have rests for books or kindles, slots for slotting your wine glass into so it will not fall over and places for candles or items you will be using in the bath. 

For a real home spa experience you could invest in one of these spa mats which turn your bath into a hot tub. This is definitely going on my wishlist. It is not cheap but then two days at my local spa cost more then this and you can use it whenever you like at home so it still cost effective if you look at it that way. 

Using bath bombs is another way to add a sense of luxury to your pamper sessions. Especially the ones which not only smell and fizz, but also change the colour of the water and spray out confetti soap stars for example. 

Home spa treatments

Grey towel headbands for use in home spa treatments
Spa Facial Headband Head Wrap

Pack of three Loreal jars of face mask.
Face masks

Lady next to a facial steamer
Home Spa Facial Steamer

A white and rose gold foot spa
Foot spa

You can recreate most spa treatments at home too. There are so many face masks available to purchase which do all sorts of things. I love these headbands which can keep the masks off your hair. They are washable and come in packs of four so plenty for your day to day use. They are also available in a good selection of colours too. 

Using a facial steamer is said to not only open up pores but can also help reduce fine lines and improve the skins elasticity. Foot spas can be great for a pamper night or just for when you have been on your feet all day and want to relax. 

Little extras!

Grey bathrobe
Cozy bathrobe

Bottle of body cream
Body lotions and potions!

Grey slipper socks which look like koala bears
Fluffy socks

A bottle of blood orange gin
Your favourite drink

Sometimes the little extras can make all of the difference. Having a nice bathrobe will immediately help you feel pampered as if you were at a spa. Using your favourite body lotions is another great finishing touch. You probably have some lovely gift sets left over from Christmas presents but if you do not have any you really like then it is worth treating yourself. My favourite body lotion is the Sanctuary spa being which is salted caramel and macadamia. It smells devine and the smell actually lasts all day. 

Finally, is any spa day really complete without some fluffy socks and your favourite drink! Whether you love nothing more than a nice cup of hot tea, a fruit juice or something with more of a kick, it is all about you and what you love. 

I hope that you have found these home spa ideas helpful. I would love to hear if you decide to have a pamper session inspired from this post in the comments below or via social media. 

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