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Going on holiday or on mini breaks is fabulous. Packing my luggage is not so fabulous for me! I hate chucking everything into one case as you know that when you get to your destination and open your case, it will look like a bomb exploded in your suitcase. This is especially true for holidays which involve checking your suitcases into airports! 

Luggage organisers

When I was kindly gifted a set of luggage organisers from Beautify I could not believe my luck. This is just what I have been looking for to make my holiday packing much more organised and the fact they look so stylish is a complete bonus! They arrived neatly packed inside each other and when I opened them up I saw that you get a set of 7 individual organisers in different sizes. 

Luggage Organisers
Image from Beautify website

They are grey with rose gold zips and the insides are waterproof which is perfect for transporting liquids which could leak. It’s also great for anything that is still wet on the way home from your holidays. Three of the organisers have mesh lids which are brilliant for clothing as it can still breathe while packed neatly in your suitcase. There is also a shoe bag as well which is fantastic. I hate packing my shoes in the same case as my clothes as I always worry about dirty bottoms of the shoes on my clean clothes! The outside material is very soft too which I personally really liked.

My experience

I decided to pack my suitcase to see how much more effective using the luggage organisers would make packing.  At first inspection, I thought that the organisers looked rather small, but I was wrong as they actually fit a lot inside. I managed to fit quite a bit into my two cases (one for the hold on the plan and one carry on) as you can see below!


Pile of clothing and other items to be packed for holiday
All of my items to take on holiday!
Two open suitcases showing how all items are packed inside
Largest luggage organiser packed with clothing
Packed with clothing - larger items
One of the luggage organisers packed
Smaller items of clothing
Smaller luggage organiser packed with underwear
Packed with underwear
Medium waterproof luggage organiser open showing tops of contents which are mostly bottles such as hairspray and perfume
Used for all of my bottles/liquids
Largest waterproof luggage organiser closed but full
Smallest closed luggage organiser
Used for make-up and jewellery
Shoe bag with one of the shoes on display. The shoe is a black open toe heel with embroidered flowers on the front
My shoes - heels to make sure that they would fit!

I was really pleased with the luggage organisers and they have definitely made a welcome addition to my holiday packing. 

Win a set of your own!

The lovely people from Beautify have very kindly offered you guys the chance to win your own so you can be organised with your holiday packing too!

Suitcase organiser

58 thoughts on “Organising your holiday packing #AD

  1. We are going away for weekend to Wales so could try these out, but these would be perfect for Thaliand at Christmas for hubby's 50th.
  2. I have just had a holiday in Cambridge (very lovely) so won't be going anywhere else this summer.
  3. The hospital for when I give birth to my little girl... would love to be packing for turkey though
  4. I've been to Wales twice this year and just booked a short break to the Lakes in October.
  5. I am going to Fuerteventura but not until October and always end up with a very messy suitcase so would love these.
  6. No plans at the moment but we are planning on going to Bermuda when work schedules allow.
  7. I am packing my suitcase to go on a cruise for a week to Amsterdam, Brugge and Guernsey. Lots of different outfits and formal dresses to fit in. Luckily there is no weight limit.
  8. We are always travelling about with our children, whether it be to stay with family, to go camping or just taking lots of things with us in the car to head to the beach. I'm hoping for a trip to Lanzarote before the end of the year and hope that with the use of some packing cubes we can be a bit more organised.
  9. These are lovely! We have no current travel plans for this year but my dream has always been Hawaii <3
  10. I would like to be packing case for short trip to Oban, Scotland, UK. Maybe next time we could go somewhere like Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands. Holland is Beautiful. I've been before, some years ago. Though fiancé has never visited Holland, at least :- not yet.
  11. Nothing booked yet but would love to take this great giveaway to the South of France, maybe Antibes
  12. We're off to Rome in August for a family holiday. We haven't been to Italy before so we're very excited about it!
  13. We don't have any real holiday plans but will be going down to London to visit our daughter and granddaughter for a long weekend.
  14. I absolutely love using packing cubes, especially now that we have a toddler in tow. It helps keeps all of our individual clothes organised and we can easily find what we need. Thanks for sharing your review #CTWM

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