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Our Harry Potter home school study

In our home school we use a topic-based approach and here is a short post to let you know how we got on when we were using Harry Potter as our main topic. 

Fun and games!

Faith really loved this topic as she is a big Potter fan. I also think that some of this was because it was a much more relaxed topic as we were winding down ready for the summer break. So, we watched the whole eight movies, played Harry Potter lego Wii games and went to a very loosely based Harry Putter mini golf! I made some questions for Faith to use as writing prompts after each movie to get her writing but only did three for each movie so that she was not overwhelmed as she is not keen on writing! This also led to some great discussions too which was fun.

Young girl doing experiments with a chemistry setHands-on fun!

We used a chemistry kit to make invisible ink and learned why it could only be seen once heated. Faith enjoyed this but it was hard to get the right mix as it was not always invisible! We baked sorting hat cupcakes which Faith said was her favourite part of the whole topic! 

Young girl putting cake mixture into cupcake cases Harry Potter sorting cupcake showing blue sweets inside the cake to determine you must be Ravenclaw!


Sneaky reading!

We read books which had facts about Harry Potter and we tested each other’s knowledge with Harry Potter quiz books. Faith and I discussed how J.K. Rowling invented new words for her books and then we had a go at making our own. We gave each new word a definition and put them into a table. Faith also wrote an acoustic poem using ‘Harry Potter’. 

So as you can see, this was much more relaxed than what we normally do. There was still lots of learning taking place too. So much reading when Faith was testing me using the quiz book. She didn’t even realise that she was reading as she was so caught up in seeing how many questions I didn’t know! It worked out well to have a more laid back approach towards the end of the home school year. 


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    It sounds like you have been very busy with the home schooling. Harry Potter sounds like a fun way to help with the learning. Such a great topic. x

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