Happy 17th birthday LJ!

January 13th was LJ’s 17th birthday!

I have no idea where the last 17 years have gone, it is crazy! But what I do know is how proud I am of my beautiful, clever, sweet young lady – my oldest baby who will always be my little girl in my eyes, no matter how old she gets. 

Every year I buy the kids a new outfit to wear on their birthday – here is LJ looking stunning in her new outfit.

This is the first year that I have not organised a party for LJ with her friends. It is hard to know when to stop these things but most of her friends parents stopped throwing them parties when they started high school so I think she’s done well really, although I am still going to do her a big party for her 18th next year!

Anyway, I am glad of my decision as LJ has planned a sleepover for herself and five of her friends and it has made her appreciate what I have done for her all these years as she said to me that she never realised how stressful and expensive throwing parties could be! 

For her birthday this year I brought her tickets to see a dance show staring Brendan Cole which is on in February at our local theatre as she is a huge Brendan Cole fan. I also brought her a few other little bits too so she had a few things to open. 

On the night of her birthday, my dad took us all out for dinner to LJ’s choice of restaurant and on Friday LJ did her sleep over with her friends. 

I hope that LJ has had a fantastic birthday week as she truly deserves it, she is my shining star.

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