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Pet hamsters: mini topic ideas

We have been homeschooling for a few months now and we are using a topic-based style (unit study). We are currently studying pets as our topic and as there are so many different pets to study, I asked FJ to think of three that she would like to study in more detail.

FJ choose dogs, cats and hamsters. I love coming up with ideas to inspire home school topics so here are my ideas for a mini hamster topic.

selective focus photography of brown hamsterIdeas

  • Draw pictures of a hamster (tip – there are lots of guides to follow online)
  • Visit a pet store to view the hamsters
  • Learn facts about hamsters
  • Learn about pet owner responsibility when owning a hamster
  • Write an acoustic poem using the word – HAMSTER
  • Colour in this hamster anatomy sheet or older children can draw their own.

I have made a worksheet to help with learning which is free to download from my freebie library. If you have not accessed my freebie library before, you will need a password which you can get by signing up to my newsletter using the form on the right sidebar. 

closeup photo of brown hamster in glass cupUseful websites

Books and films

  • Hip hamster projects: loads of cool craft projects inside by Isabel Thomas
  • Looking after hamsters by Susan Meredith
  • You and your pet hamster and gerbil by Jean Coppendale
  • The truth about hamsters: what hamsters do when you’re not looking by Mary Colson
  • Movie – Animal crackers
  • BBC documentary – Pets: wild at heart

For more home education inspiration take a look at my home education Pinterest board.


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