Four images of Halloween crafts. Top left is a girl wearing a homemade Halloween mask that looks like a bat. Top right is four homemade Halloween cards on a table. Bottom left is a paper tree made from purple and black papers. Bottom right is a picture of a dead tree that has been decorated for Halloween
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Four Fun Halloween Crafts

The lovely people from Viking sent us some craft bits to help us get crafty for Halloween.

We love to craft as it is a low cost activity which can fill an afternoon and the look of pride that kids show when they have finished and they are showing off what they have made is priceless. 

You do not need to be a great artist either (I am most certainly not!). These four Halloween crafts are really simple to make but look fantastic when completed. 

Girl wearing a homemade Halloween mask

Halloween Masks

We were given a mask template in our craft box but you could make your own using a sheet of card or a paper plate if you do not have any templates. I gave Faith the mask with an elastic string and a pack of felt tip pens and she was happy for nearly an hour making her mask. Younger children would need some help but this is a super low cost activity which kids love.

Faith at the kitchen table colouring in a Halloween mask template
Pens and card = creativity
Faith wearing her finished mask with a huge smile on her face
Big smiles show the fun that has been had
Faith showing her finished autumn tree art
A stunning autumn tree craft

Autumn tree art

I was inspired to make these autumn trees on Pinterest. They look amazing but are so simple to make. We drew a tree on a piece of black card and then cut it out and stuck it onto white paper. We then added a black border as a frame. Next, we put the picture into a plastic file sleeve (polly pocket) and then taped it closed and taped the part where there are holes for the folder to the back, out of sight. We then used Sharpie pens to colour the white areas in blocks of colour. Using Methylated spirits and cotton buds we blended the colours which gave a great effect. This was Faith’s favourite craft out of the four Halloween crafts which we did.

Paper tree Halloween crafts
A paper tree with Halloween colours

Paper tree

These are normally made for Christmas but I thought that it would also make a great Halloween decoration. I just chose patterned paper which suited Halloween colours. We cut a circle of card out of a cereal box and taped it into a cone shape. We then painted it black. While the paint was drying, we cut the patterned paper into strips and then folded each strip in half and secured them with tape. We then used a hot glue gun to stick the tabs onto the cone. I think it looks pretty good!

Halloween cards
Make cards to wish others a happy Halloween

Halloween cards

These are so simple to make and you can use anything that you have. We did two types today.

The first were made using a Halloween stencil to add a design onto folded card. We then coloured them in and added a little glitter and metallic markers to write Happy Halloween! The other card we made with tissue paper. We drew a pumpkin shape onto the front of the card and then simply stuck some orange tissue paper onto the inside of the card. We then used a black pen to draw a pumpkin face and then decorated with pens.

We had so much fun making these Halloween crafts. Do you think you will do any of them? I would love to hear from you if you are planning on making something, you could even tag me in a photo of the finished work on Instagram!

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  1. says:
    It looks like you had a fab afternoon of crafting! I do love that Autumn tree art. x
    1. says:
      Thank you :-) Yes it was great fun xx

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