Halloween costumes to help get your spook on!

Asda has a great range of costumes for adults as well as children. Some of my favourites include; Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, day of the dead skeleton, light up witch and for adults, I love the Harley Quin costume. 

Hermione and Harry both come complete with outfit, wand, scarf and wig which is great value for £15 each. They are available in ages 5-12 years.


The light up witch costume comes in ages 3-10 years and costs £10. It includes detachable wings as well. The day of the dead skeleton comes in sizes 3-12 years. It comes as a three piece set which includes trousers, top and hat and costs £10.


Being a huge suicide squad fan, I had to pick the Harley Quinn costume as my favourite. It comes in sizes 6-18 so unfortunately for me, I would not fit into it! It costs £25 and includes the shorts, top and wig. 







The range has a brilliant Dracula costume for £7.99. It comes as a three piece set which includes the cape, waistcoat and a jabot. Just add some black trousers and it will look fantastic.

I also really like this skeleton bride costume from the Range as well. It is £10.99 and comes in size 5-7 years. 



The Range also has a great value ghost costume for men. A dark ghost costume priced at just £8.99.









Wilko Zombie Cheerleader Costume Size 12 - 14 Image 1Wilko also has a good selection of Halloween costumes. I particularly like the zombie cheerleader costume which is priced at £12.







SKU: AW18 HALLOWEEN WEREWOLF:Multi ColouredI love this werewolf costume from Sainsbury’s. It comes in sizes 3-12 years and starts at £13.

SKU: AW18 HALLOWEEN GIRLS DOD SKELETON:Multi ColouredI also really like this day of the dead girl’s skeleton costume which is also in sizes 3-12 years and from £13 from Sainsbury’s.






What do you think? Are you dressing up this year? What are your kids dressing up as?

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