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Halloween costumes for 2020

This post was originally posted in 2018 but has been updated for 2020. The post contains some affiliate links. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

Here are some ideas to help inspire you to get dressed up for Halloween this year! I love fancy dress costumes and enjoy any excuse to get silly and have a laugh with the family. 

Halloween costumes from George at Asda

Asda has a great range of costumes for adults as well as children. Some of my favourites include; Harry Potter, Frankie, Minnie Mouse witch and I love the Professor McGonagall costume. 

Harry Potter Halloween costume
Harry Potter costume

Harry comes complete with outfit, wand, glasses which is good for £15. It is available in ages 5-12 years.

Boy dressed as frankenstein for Halloween
Frankie costume

This Halloween costume is amazing! So cute but also really well aligned with Halloween! It comes as a three piece costume, top, trousers and headpiece/hat. It is available in ages 1 – 6 years and costs £10.

Minnie Mouse inspired witches costume
Minnie Mouse inspired Halloween costume

This is so cute for girls who love Minnie Mouse but still want to dress up in a Halloween themed costume. It is a Minnie Mouse themed purple witch costume. Available in ages 1 – 6 years and priced at £14.

Lady dressed up as Professor McGonagall
Professor McGonagall costume

Another one for the Harry Potter fans out there but this time for us adults! I love this Professor McGonagall cloak and hat priced at £22. The only thing that I do not like is the ‘one size’ label, as clearly one size does not fit all, especially for us larger ladies!

Fancy dress at The Range this Halloween

Boy dressed as a werewolf
Werewolf costume

I like this as it is quite realistic for a kids Halloween costume. Great for braver kids! It is available in ages 5 – 10 years and priced at £9.99

Day of the dead skeleton bride dress
Skeleton bride Halloween costume

I also really like this skeleton bride costume from the Range as well. It is £9.99 and comes in size 4-8 years. It contains a veil along with the dress and is perfect for girls who want to keep some girly fun with their Halloween outfit.

TU are putting the T in terrifying at Sainsbury’s

Halloween Pumpkin Reaper Costume (3-12 Years)
Unisex pumpkin reaper costume.

I love this unisex Halloween costume which is much more traditional and a little bit scary! It is an all in one outfit with a mask and is available in sizes 3-12 years and prices start at £12 depending on size.

Halloween Red & Black Vampiress Costume (3-12 Years)
Vampire costume

This is a beautiful yet gothic costume. Available in sizes 3-12 years and prices start at £13.

Halloween Vampire Costume (6 Months-6 Years)
Little vampire costume

We must not forget the younger children! This vampire costume is available in sizes 6 months to 6 years and prices start at £11

Halloween Black Cobweb Print Swing Dress
Cobweb swing dress

For those wanting something a bit more subtle than a full on Halloween costume, Sainsburys have this lovely swing dress. It is available in sizes 8-24 and priced at £12 which is superb value.

H and M’s offerings 

Printed jersey top - Black/Trick Or Treat - Kids | H&M GB 1
Trick or treat jumper 

I absolutely love, love, love this jumper! How cute! If only Faith would wear this but in her mind she is too grown up! This is available in sizes 8 to 14+ years. It is amazing value, priced at just £5.99

Printed jersey top - Night black/Skull - Kids | H&M GB 1
Skull Jersey Top

Another from the same range as the trick or treat top which I love. Sizing and pricing are the same. 

Printed cotton top - White/Cat - Kids | H&M GB 1
Halloween cat top

Continuing with the adorable theme in H and M, this super cute Halloween cat top is available in sizes 2 – 10 years and priced at just £2.99!

2-piece printed set - White/Mummy - Kids | H&M GB 1
Mummy tracksuit 

This looks so cool! It also looks lovely and comfortable too! Available in sizes 18 months – 10 years and priced at £17.99

Pets at Halloween!

I couldn’t forget to include a few ideas for your dogs if you have any as I love dressing ours up! 


What do you think? I know things are all a bit strange this year but are you still dressing up? What are your kids dressing up as? Do you have pets which you dress up too? I would love to hear about it! 

All prices and links were correct at the time of posting.

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