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Why it is good to plan

I am often asked why I spend so much time planning when in other people’s opinions, I could be getting things done with that time. Well, there are many reasons that I plan as much as possible as I truly believe that my life is greatly benefiting from all of my planning. Here are my reasons that I believe it is good to plan. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

I know that this is a cliche’ but I really do believe this. If you have a big project or an event and you do not plan for it then it will undoubtedly be a disaster as big projects need planning to succeed. You may forget to invite a key person, or forget to confirm with the caterers. You might double book yourself or even forget to complete by the set deadline!

It saves time

You can plan to do things in batches or plan your route so that you are not running all over the place. For example, if you are cleaning the house and you are just going from one room to the next. You are doing things as you come across them so you will be going up and down the stairs numerous times getting things you need and putting things away. However, if you make a plan you can do it so that you start at the top and work your way down. You will have all of the things you need as you planned ahead and you will save valuable time and energy. 

It is impossible to remember everything!

Not very many people can remember everything unless they have eidetic memories. I have certainly found that the older I get the worse my memory gets! We live in a world where we are bombarded with information, so it is hardly surprising that our brains can not hold it all in. Planning and writing lists stops you forgetting important tasks and dates. 

Inside my happy planner and a silver snowflake pen

It is relaxing.

If you enjoy planning and have a love of stationary then spending a few minutes each night planning for the next day can be a relaxing habit to maintain.

It helps me feel in control.

In a world where many things are beyond our control, I find focusing on what I can control helps with anxiety. Knowing that I am prepared for the week and have things planned out makes me feel more in control of my life. 

It allows you to do more.

Having a plan of tasks to accomplish each day helps to stop time wasting activities so that you can get more done each day. If you have no list of things to do then it is so much easier to get carried away on social media, in your email account or browsing clothing stores online!

It allows you to focus on what matters.

When you plan what you would like to get done each day you can build in important activities which will help you move forward and prioritise the most important tasks.

It saves money.

Planning can save you money as you know where everything is so you do not end up buying multiples as you have lost things. Also if you meal plan then you can save money on groceries too. 

Inside the Mrs Hinch planner showing a completed hinch list

It shows what you have accomplished.

There is no better feeling then ticking off each task as you accomplish them. At the end of each day you have a whole list of things that you have achieved which helps build self-esteem as you feel proud of what you have done. 

It allows for creativity.

If you are creative then planning can cover that too with creative planning such as Happy Planning or bullet journaling. Both of these examples can be enjoyed no matter what skill level you may have. 

So that is my top ten reasons that it is good to plan. I hope that I have inspired you to put pen to paper and get your plan on! Let me know if you have found this useful and as always I love to hear from you. 

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