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Harry Putter golf – Felixstowe

We decided to visit Harry Putter crazy golf in Felixstowe as we were studying Harry Potter as part of our home school. We had heard that it was supposed to be based on Harry Potter, hence the name!

The golf is a 13 hole indoor course at the back of Charles Mannings amusements on the sea front.  

The outside of the Harry Putter golf in felixstowe

The golf is priced at £3 a person which is pretty reasonable as other crazy golf courses we’ve seen have been charging triple that price!

Very loosely based on Harry Potter!

Unfortunately the only real reference to Harry Potter is the score card! Inside the golf course there is not really anything resembling Harry Potter at all. This was fine for us as we did not have far to come and we still had a great time but if you were coming from further afield for the theme then you would probably be disappointed. 

It is still a nice little course and we did have a lot of fun. It takes you up and down and through a space tunnel. There is also a hole which has a little surprise inside! 

It is not recommended for those with mobility issues through. There are some tight spaces inside. 


  • Great family fun
  • Well maintained
  • Reasonable price
  • Indoor (Any weather)


  • Not really anything like Harry Potter!
  • Not good for people with mobility issues

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  1. says:
    Don't you love the way they name things for something famous and unrelated? Sounds like a good game even if there is no Harry. #MMBC
  2. says:
    Oh no that's a shame it wasn't really anything to do with Harry Potter. It was a bargain price though. #MMBC

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