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Welcome to my new game – Clash of the clothes

Welcome to my new monthly style game.

The idea

This idea came from a conversation with my youngest daughter FJ who is ten. We were talking about ideas for features on my blog and we came up with this game. We thought that it would be a lot of fun for us both and we like the idea of involving the audience and making it a challenge as we can both be rather competitive! 

Mum and daughter back to back in a forrest

How it works!

Once a month on the second Friday of the month it’s mum vs. daughter as we take on the challenge to style one of us, only using items found in one store. The two outfits will be shown, and the vote will be open for ten days. Then the results will be revealed on the fourth Friday of the month. Who will reign supreme in the battle of fashion and style!

So for example – this month we are using Asda as our shop for the challenge. The remit is that we have both got to pick an outfit suitable for everyday wear for an adult. I guess the fact that I am plus size also factors into the challenge as not all clothes in stores come in all sizes. 

The two outfits will be posted, but who picked the outfit will not be disclosed at this point. The vote will open for ten days and then on the fourth Friday of the month, the results will be revealed as will the person who picked which outfit. 

To make it a bit more fun for FJ there will also be a forfeit for the looser as well! Originally, I wanted the forfeit to only be for me if I lost. However, FJ was adamant that should she lose, she also wanted the forfeit! Bless her!

Next month will be a different store and we will both be styling an outfit suitable for a ten-year-old girl. We have six rounds planned to see who will be the overall winner as well. 

Wish me luck!

We hope that this will be a fun and enjoyable feature on the blog and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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