Fun with food

Making food fun always goes down well with young children especially when they are going through a phase of being fussy, I remember when Faith was going through a phase of not wanting to eat anything healthy so I use to make faces with her salad and then she would eat it!
Anyway, when I heard that Sony had teamed up with tots100 to make a blogging challenge of creating a foodimal inspired by the recently released cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 on Blu-Ray and DVD I decided to have a go.
Welcome to my baked hedgehog!
This was very easy to create and Faith absolutely loved eating it which is always a bonus. I’ve included a quick guide to how I made it, in case you would like to have a go.
* Baking potatoes.
* Tuna in spring water or brine.
* Salad cream.
* Cherry tomatoes.
* Cucumber.
1) Wash and dry the baking potatoes and then bake.

2) Drain the tuna and then mix with the salad cream (I normally use about 1 tablespoon per tin of tuna, but this really comes down to your own taste)

3) Make a slit in the potato but do not cut all the way through.

4) Fill in the gap with the tuna mix.

5) Cut the cucumber into triangles and arrange on top of the tuna to look like spikes.

6) Finally secure the tomato onto the front of the potato with a cocktail stick to make a nose and add a squirt of salad cream to make the eyes.

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  1. says:
    soooo cute!
    I need to start making our food fun!
  2. says:
    Thanks hun :-)
  3. says:
    Such a great idea! I made some handsome meatballs: http://quickmeal.blogspot.com/2014/03/quick-meal-with-meatballs.html
  4. says:
    Thanks Elena :-)

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