Chloe and myself at Friendsfest in Monica's apartment
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Friendsfest: A review

My middle daughter Chloe brought us tickets to Friendsfest 2020 in London for Mother’s day. Of course, we didn’t manage to make it due to all that was the year of misery! However, we eventually managed to get to the August 2021 Friendsfest in Milton Keynes. This post looks at what it was like, and how we got on while there. 

What is Friendsfest?

For anyone who has not heard of this event before, (where have you been!) it is an event that celebrates all that there is to enjoy about the ’90s hit US TV show, Friends. I grew up watching the show, and it is amazing to see that it is still so popular even today. It is one of those very few TV shows that has managed to touch the hearts of every generation. My mum watched it, my siblings who are a decade younger than me watched it and my own kids have watched it. 

The humour is so relatable and the writers are some of the best comedic writers in history to make it that way. Even though I have watched it many, many times, it still does not fail to make me laugh!

What to expect?

At the event, there are many chances to have photographs that put you in the show. With replica sets, you get to be in those iconic moments such as trying to get the sofa up the stairs (PIVOT!) and holding the umbrella in front of the water fountain. Using a code on an app on your phone, you can scan your code, and then the photograph pings straight over to your phone. 

Along with these opportunities, there is also a big screen playing clips from the show, food vans selling food related to the show such as Joey’s pizza, and Phoebes buffay that of course has vegetarian options. A shop full of merch and inside set tours too.

The set tour

You have to book your set tour before you arrive. You then get taken through a room with memorabilia from the show, and then to three sets. Monicas apartment, Joey’s apartment, and Rosse’s apartment. 

How we got on

Well, we had a fantastic time living our Friendsfest fantasy! A must for any Friends fanatic. It is pricey though. A large slice of pizza is £7 and a slice of cheesecake is £8. 

Most of the event is outside and there was a problem with wasps. I have a huge phobia so this made it rather stressful at times. I know being outside, it may be difficult to manage such things but I noticed that tables were not being cleaned that were covered in spilt sauces and melted icecreams and things like this will attract wasps all the more. 

The other small criticism of note was on the inside set tour. It felt like we were really rushed through it which was a shame. Our tour was the second last of the day, so I did wonder if that was due to people wanting to get home. 

All in all, we had a lovely time. They have the event all over the country so it is well worth checking out when they will be visiting a location near to you and if you don’t want to wait until next summer, you can go to the festive edition instead. 

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