A large glass filled with fortune eggs for Easter
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Fortune eggs for Easter

Fortune eggs are a fun way to make a beautiful centrepiece for Easter with the added fun of smashing open the eggs to find a fortune inside! Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Drain and clean your eggs

Decide on how many eggs you want to make. If using for a display then I would recommend at least six. To drain your eggs, use a pin to pierce a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. Trust me they are very unlikely to break doing this. Then using the pin, chip away at one of the holes to make it large enough to post through a small piece of rolled paper later. 

You then need to shake the eggs to get all of the egg white and yolk out. Shaking the egg will break the yolk making it easier to come out as well. Rather than wasting the insides of the eggs, we collected it all in a bowl and then used it to make scrambled eggs for lunch. It is likely that you will get some shell in the eggs so we just sieved the eggs before cooking. 

Faith draining eggs for the fortune eggs
Elliot really enjoyed draining the eggs
Darren draining eggs for fortune eggs
Even Darren joined in!

To clean the eggs, I filled a bowl with some warm water and washing up liquid. I then dipped the eggs so they filled with soapy water. Then I shook the eggs and emptied. I repeated the process until I felt they were clean enough and then rinsed under a cold tap. 

Decorating your eggs

Now it is time to get creative. You could dye your eggs with dyes or use natural methods to dye the eggs such as beetroots and carrots. Alternatively, you could paint the eggs or like us, use metallic markers to decorate your fortune eggs. You need to be a bit careful now that your eggshells are empty as you don’t want them to break! 

Glass bowl of fortune eggs for Easter

Take some strips of paper and write your fortunes on them. You could write fortunes similar to those that you get in fortune cookies. Other ideas are Easter-themed jokes or positive affirmations. 

Free ideas download

Complete your details below to get a free PDF with 12 positive affirmations, 12 Easter fortunes, 12 Easter dares, and 12 Easter jokes. You can decide what you want to put in your eggs or even do a combination of all the ideas. Then simply check your email to confirm your details and access the download. 

Assembling your fortune eggs

Once your eggs are decorated and dry, you can roll up your papers and post one into each egg. You can then place them into a glass bowl to make a display for your Easter table. After dinner, you can give each person an egg and tell them to smash them open to reveal their fortunes. 

So, I hope you have enjoyed this craft idea for Easter. I would love to know if you have a go! Tag me on social media if you have pictures as I would love to see them!

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  1. says:
    What a cute idea! #Dreamteam
  2. What a fantastic idea! We've done decorating eggs before, but never putting a fortune into them. This would be great for Easter lunch as an after dinner activity - finding your fortune. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam x
  3. says:
    I've always been too scared to try blowing eggs but I love the use of metallic markers so you might have finally persuaded me! Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam

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