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Formal Dresses for Every Wedding You Will Attend This Summer (#AD)

We’ve all been there. You receive an invitation to your mum’s brother’s daughter’s best friend’s wedding. You glance over the invitation and see at the bottom “black tie.” You swiftly make your way to your closet and after the initial panic over not having a formal dress to wear, you start to think about what kind of dress you’ll buy.

gold-colored bridal ring set on pink rose flower bouquetYou have two options: you can go to a department store and spend hours trying on formal dresses with no luck or you can shop online and get free shipping, same-day delivery, and free returns if what you order doesn’t work out for you.

The choice seems like a no-brainer. You open your laptop and click on the web browser. After a cursory inspection of the website, you refine your search.

“White? No, not white. Going to a wedding – can’t upstage the bride.”

woman holding flowers in front of the garden“Red? Maybe! Might still upstage the bride, but the right cut could make this option okay.”

“Pink? Another possibility! Might be too washed out, though.”

After settling on a darker colour, you decide navy would be the perfect complement to your complexion.

This scene is so much easier than so many dressing room fittings I’ve been a part of (mine and other peoples’). Who doesn’t want to shop from the comfort of their own home, avoiding traffic, people, a crowded store, a fitting room’s bright lights, and a mirror that shows all your worst angles and magnifies them?

Shopping online from a site that offers free shipping and free returns is KEY to making this work for you. If it’s not convenient you haven’t gained any time by not shopping in the store. The ICONIC is the perfect solution to all your heart’s desires for formal dresses at any price point with free shipping and free returns. It’s a no-brainer!

Tell me – which colour would YOU choose?


This post is a sponsored guest post and the information in the post is more suited to Austrian readers.

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