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Flash speed mop review

I have been reviewing the Flash speed mop over the last week. I was sent the mop from Savvy Circle for the purpose of viewing it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Flash speed mop in it's box
The Flash Speed Mop

None of my floors in the whole of our downstairs have carpet, so I have to sweep and mop rather than hoover all of the time. We have three dogs who run around with mucky paws and my 11-year-old can be just as bad!

The mop has floor wipes that you put onto the mop head and then can be recycled through a partnership between Flash and Terracycle once you have used them. The wipes smell of lemons and are very wet. When I first used it, I thought that it would take a long time for the floor to dry as the wipes were literally dripping wet but I was wrong. I was really impressed with how quickly the floor dried so that people could safely walk on it. 

The handle is flexible and can swivel all ways, making it easy to clean around corners and in tight spaces. The mop head is also really thin so that it can fit under furniture easily. 

I am really impressed with the Flash speed mop as it makes cleaning all of our hard floors quick and easy. Just look at how much dirt it picked up when I did a quick once around with the mop! Our floors hide the dirt well! 

Dirty mop head
Look at all of that dirt!

What do you think? Worth a go?

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  1. Andrew Lee says:
    I found this page, while searching to find out what these wipes are actually made of and as of right now, after many searches, I still cannot find an answer. even the company that produces them, has yet to respond, after 3 weeks Personally I think whoever they are, they should be forced to disclose exactly what their wipes are made of, not just what they are coated in. Also it is very suspicious to me, that they suggest you use a company called terracycle.co.uk to dispose of the wipes. This makes me suspect that they contain plastics and cannot be disposed of in general waste or recycled in the normal way (blue bin), even that they contain harmful chemicals, which is doubly bad. So for a website, called mum on a mission for a better life, perhaps you would like to look into what the wipes are actually made of, perhaps you would have better luck than me. We all want a better life, but if as I suspect, these wipes contain any form of plastic, which needs specialist recycling, they need to be forced to disclose that on the packaging. but better still , it should be made illegal, to even produce them, unless they can be easily disposed of and are environmentally friendly, which I seriously doubt they are. It's bad enough when the major cause of blockages in sewers, are those horrible wipes, that so many people buy by the thousands, only to flush them without realising, that the majority of them , do not dissolve and are basically plastic.
    1. says:
      Hi Andrew. I understand your concerns and you make some very good points. I understand that they do contain material that can not be recycled in the 'normal way' which is why you can use the TerraCycle program who say - Once collected, the Flash® Wipes, Cloths and Pads are cut finely. The material is then melted in order to become a usable raw material such as pellets or plastic lumber. These raw materials can be used for a number of moulded plastic products like benches. I know that it is not ideal but for those of us who are busy parents these wipes make cleaning the floor so much faster and easier than other methods and we can do our bit for the environment by making sure that they are recycled through the collection point. Sorry if this is not the most helpful answer to your questions and thank you for taking the time to comment.
  2. juneglynn says:
    Why not stop all the advertising until you make sure the product is properly available
  3. Teresa Holdcroft says:
    Just wondering, do you have have to sweep or vacuum the floor before using the speed mop or does the speed mop do both?
    1. says:
      Hello Teresa :-) Yes, you do still need to sweep up before moping, if it did both it would be perfect! Hope that helps x
      1. Graham says:
        What is the green bit for
        1. says:
          Hi :-) It is a scrub strip so you use it to rub against any stubborn marks to lift off the dirt. Hope that helps.
  4. Carol Darby says:
    I brought one of these mops with the large box of wipes but unfortunately I'm not happy about them then make the floor really really wet and streaks on the floor and when you use the wipes it's out of the box it's absolutely wet through
    1. says:
      Sorry to hear this Carol. I actually liked the fact that it was really wet as when I have used other floor wipes they have not been wet enough so they didn't clean a very big area before becoming too dry. I guess it is different strokes for different folks!
  5. Kim Tideswell says:
    Why as the cost of the speed mop all of a sudden gone up by 100% in some supermarket's. From £10 to £20 with 7 days.
    1. says:
      I am sorry but I am just a blogger who has reviewed the mop. I have no other links with the mop or the prices in supermarkets.

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