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First restaurant visit after lockdown and more

And just like that, July has been and gone! It has been strange as it honesty only feels like a week ago I was writing my June news post and now I am in August writing about July! 

Grandson visits

We have Keaton our grandson stay over every other Saturday night to give Chloe a break. It is always a pleasure having him stay and Darren is very hands on so I do not really have to do very much. I think as we had three daughters, having a little boy around has really brought out his paternal side.

Darren and I were both brought up in very traditional households, so once the girls had passed the baby stage he left most of the caring to me as they were girls. Now we have a grandson he has taken on the carer role out of the two of us, which I am happy with as it means I get cuddles without nappy changing! 

First restaurant visit since before lockdown

My dad came to visit us from London and I got to see him for the first time in person since before lockdown. He took us out for a meal as he missed celebrating Chloe’s 21st in May. It was the first time we had visited a restaurant since lockdown so I was a bit nervous about it.

We went to The Thrasher which is part of the Hungry Horse group of restaurants. We like it there as it is affordable for families but good food and a big variety on the menu. Having reduced staff in the kitchen meant that we had to wait longer than normal for the food to be cooked and brought out to us. It was well worth the wait as it was absolutely delicious and we were really pleased. 

What I’ve been watching

The twilight zone

A new series of the Twilight zone has been on Sky One. It is on weekly but you can download the whole series to watch at once which is what I did. I was a big fan of the original series which aired in 1959 – 1964. Of course, I watched repeats as I was not born until 1980! I love the idea of things that are mystical and how people would deal with such strange happenings. 

When I heard that a new series was being made I was very excited but also a bit apprehensive, as sometimes when people try and remake old shows it leads to disappointed viewers! It was actually done really well, bringing a modern take to the things that can not be explained and the choices that we make. I love how just as in the original series you are left pondering things over in your mind, it really makes you think about things. 

Warrior nun

This is a Netflix series rated 15 and there was ten episodes in season 1. I was not going to watch this one but I wanted background noise when I was writing some lists so I put it on. Funny the amount of times that I do this and end up finding things that I really enjoy.

It is based on the story of a group of nuns who are trained as warriors to protect the planet from demons. The leader of the nuns has an angels halo in her back which gives her extra powers and when she dies it is passed on to a new leader. The story starts with the halo being inserted into a dead body of a young girl to keep safe and it brings her back to life to be a warrior nun. It is really good with great twists at the end. I really hope that a new season is on the cards for this as I would love to see what happens next.

Rupaul’s drag race

I am always late to the party when it comes to popular tv! I watched ‘Lost’ a good few years after the last season had aired and here we are with another popular show which although is now on the twelfth season I have only just started watching.

Faith was watching it as it is on Netflix. I watched the episode where the winner was crowned in both season one and two when she had it on and I decided that I quite liked the look of it. I felt that was no point in watching season one or two as I already knew who won! So this month I have watched seasons three and four. I can see why it has been so popular as it is actually really entertaining. 

Summer break

Homeschool is now finished and Faith is on summer break. I do really feel for the kids as it is not the same as usual with COVID-19. Not many activities taking place and the worry of breaking social distancing rules means that she has not been as active as she would normally be in the summer holidays. It is a strange time for all of us but perhaps harder on kids then we realise. 

Faith holding a sign on her last day of year 7 homeschool
Last day of year 7 in our homeschool!

Everything else!

We have decorated the living room which I am really pleased with. We now have light grey walls and a feature wall which we papered. It makes me smile every time that I walk in and see it! Now we need to save for some new furniture to replace all of our old mismatched worn out items which we have!

I feel really good in myself. My blog is going well and I have been invited to speak on BBC Radio Suffolk in a few weeks so I am excited but very nervous about that too! 

You may have also noticed a shopping cart at the top of my page, there will be a small shop launching soon. I can not say anything more about that as yet as I am still working out some of the plans for that at the moment. 

Grey painted wall and feature papered wall
My feature wall and the light grey painted walls

So that is all of my news for July 2020. I hope that July was good for you and I would love to hear what you got up to.

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  1. says:
    I'm actually off for my first restaurant visit today! I'm actually a bit nervous too, but looking forward to it. I'm definitely looking up warrior nun, that sounds right up my alley x
    1. says:
      I hope you have a lovely meal out and enjoy it. It's funny how normal things like eating out seem a bit scary after being kept indoors for so long! Would love to hear what you think of Warrior nun if you do watch it. :-) xx

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