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First day back to school traditions

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No matter if you send your child to school or you home school like we do, the first day back to (home) school is a great excuse to celebrate and have some fun.  In fact, having some back to school traditions can really help to set the tone for the year. It shows your child that going back to school is fun and exciting. That you are proud of your child and that you are looking forward to seeing how they do this coming school year. 

You do not need to do all of these ideas! They are here to inspire and you can pick the ones that you think best suit you and your family and your situation. 

First day back to school photos 

One that you may already be doing anyway but if not then this is a great one to start off with. You could try and take the picture in the same place each year. That way you can see growth in the photographs when you compare them.

You could make a sign or print one off which says the date and the school year/grade that your child is starting. There are also some fantastic signs available to buy online if you want something a bit more professional. You could buy or make photo props for the photos or make a back to school video instead. The ideas are endless. 

Special breakfast

You could make a special breakfast or get up early and go out for breakfast somewhere. You could make a breakfast of your child’s favorites or even really shake things up by serving up cakes or desert for breakfast! If you are strict on healthy breakfasts this is even more fun for the kids who would never in a million years expect you to serve cake for breakfast! 

three photos of Faith showing her different ages for back to school photos
Faith aged 5 and 9 on her back to school photo's and aged 11 on back to home school

All about me sheet

These are so good to keep as records of what your children are like as they grow up. If you get them to fill one out at the start of each school year you will have lovely records which shows their changing personality as they grow. You can make your own, or pop into my freebie library and print off the one that I use which is in there. If you haven’t been in my freebie library before you will need a password which you can get from signing up to my newsletter below. You are of course welcome to unsubscribe at any time. 

Go out somewhere nice

If you are a home school family you could take the opportunity to go out to a museum, park, swimming or anywhere you fancy. Now that the kids are all back at school, you can take advantage of quiet days out! 

If you child is at school, you could still go out somewhere, but after school. You could even really push the boat out and have dinner out too!


Decorate the house with balloons and banners saying ‘first day back to (home)school’! A few well hung decorations will make the kids feel really special and excited to start the day.

Boy having face painted to look like spider man
Face painting is a great fun first day back at school activity for younger children

A small gift, nicely wrapped

It does not have to be expensive. You could get some new school supplies or a reading book or perhaps a craft kit, depending on what your child enjoys. Wrapped in bright paper with a big bow adds to the excitement. 

Make an autumn bucket list

Write a list of things together that you would like to do this autumn/winter and have fun making plans for the upcoming months. Perhaps you could put them into a jar and then use as rewards for when you have been working hard. You could pull out one at random for some spontaneous fun.

So that is seven ideas that you could use to make your own first day back to (home)school traditions. You could use one or a combination of the above ideas or maybe you have your own ideas which I haven’t thought of. If you do, I would love for you to share them in the comments for everyone. 

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