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February 2019 Idea List

Welcome to the February Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.

Love hearts and love letters

Friday 1st – Get ahead on any greeting cards you need by planning out who and what you need to buy for in the months of February and March plus a couple of generic cards for those unexpected occasions.

Saturday 2nd – Take a very slightly damp cloth and carefully clean all of the light switches in your home.

Sunday 3rd – Find a new recipe and cook something new this week.

Monday 4th – Be honest about tasks you have been putting off which you know need to be done and do at least one of them today!

Tuesday 5th – Take a hoover and a damp cloth to your sofa and armchair and give it a good clean. If it needs more then a quick clean up then you could always use today to wash all of the covers too.

Wednesday 6th – Use today to clear out your inboxes. These often get forgotten when decluttering as they are not electronic but they can get so full that you do not even know what you have kept meaning that important emails can easily get lost.

Thursday 7th –  If you are celebrating Valentine’s day then plan and prep for the day.

Friday 8th – Take time for some self-care today. Why not try a facemask or paint your nails?

Saturday 9th – Time to collect up all of your remote controls and clean them with some antibacterial spray or wipes. Think about how many times these are handled and by how many people, but they often get forgotten.

Sunday 10th – Time for some fresh air – why not wrap up warm and go for a long walk?

Monday 11th – Pick one of your windows to wash the inside. Don’t forget the sill too.

Tuesday 12th – Clean out the inside of your refrigerator today.

Wednesday 13th – Take some time to organise your handbag and purse, getting rid of anything that does not belong.

Thursday 14th – Enjoy Valentine’s day! If you are not celebrating then why not treat yourself to some flowers and a box of chocolates!

Friday 15th – Take the duster around the house to dust off all of the photo frames and wall art.

Saturday 16th – Clean the inside of your freezer and if you do not have a frost free freezer, you could defrost it too.

Sunday 17th – Time for some fun, why not have a board game day? Or if board games are not your thing, you could always play computer games or a game of darts or pool.

Monday 18th – Spend a least twenty minutes today relaxing. You could meditate or read, anything which is calming.

Tuesday 19th – Organise your linen storage today. This is how you store your table clothes, bed sheets, towels etc. Donate or recycle any that you no longer need and make a note of any new items which you need.

Wednesday 20th – Clean your kitchen sink today and see if you can get it to sparkle!

Thursday 21st – Phone a friend or family member that you have not spoken to in a while and see how they are. We all lead such busy lives, it is important to stay connected with people.

Friday 22nd – Organise your plastic containers which you use for food storage. These can be tricky to keep organised and tidy and often take over the kitchen!

Saturday 23rd – Clean the top of your fridge/freezer. This can be a clutter magnet in my house and needs to be kept on top of.

Sunday 24th – Take a bag to your bathroom and collect up any empty bottles and toiletries which have been hiding for far too long! Simply getting rid of the empties and old items which are not being used will make a big difference.

Monday 25th – Spend some time today thinking about things that you are grateful for and things that are going well.

Tuesday 26th – Gather your dusting supplies and clean all of your laptops, tablets, mobiles and PCs and other electronic devices.

Wednesday 27th – Turn up the radio and dance like no one is watching for ten minutes. This will get your blood pumping and make you smile.

Thursday 28th – Most people have at least one junk drawer in their homes. Clean out yours today!


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