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A month of two halves!

Welcome to the February 2020 news post. It has been a strage month, the first half was busy with a trip to London and Faith’s birthday. The second half has been horrible as we have all been really unwell again! 


We started the month with a lovely meal and games night at our daughters house. Lauren and James have a switch so we played games on there for evening. They have Crash Team Racing which was my favourite game to play on the PS2 back in the day so I had great fun playing that and was surprised at how quickly it all came back to me. 

We had another successful big family games night at my mums, hosted by my sister and her partner. It was a good night with yummy food and lots of laughter. 

Darren with two baby boys on his lap!
Double trouble! Cousins !

It was Faith’s 12th birthday this month as well. Her present was a three day trip to London for the LAGC which I will talk more about below. On her actual birthday we had the family round for a Chinese takeaway as requested by Faith. She had a lovely birthday and she was a very lucky girl as she received so many nice gifts and money for her cosplay supplies!

Faith opening presents on her birthday
The birthday girl!
Harry Potter birthday cupcakes
Harry Potter birthday cupcakes

The London Anime and Gaming Con

We went to London to the Metropolitan university for the LAGC which was a three day event. We stayed in a Travelodge for two nights so that Faith could attend all three days. Faith had an absolute blast and made some new friends too. It was long days for us as the venue was not as nice as the Norwich Con which we went to last Summer, so there was not all of the nice tables and chairs with plugs for chargers and room to play games etc. It was worth the boredom on our part though as Faith comes alive at these events. I have added some pictures from the event but if you would like to see more about what we did, then take a look at my YouTube video


I went for my last ladies darts meal. The team folded last September but we still wanted to have a final get together so we went for a meal to a all you can eat world buffet called spoons. It was a nice night but also a little sad as I really enjoyed my darts nights and seeing all of the ladies and now it is all over. 

I also went to a bloggers event at my local lush store which was a lot of fun. We learned about new product releases and the range of products which have no packaging which was very interesting. 

Ladies around a dinner table in a restaurant.
Our farewell dinner


The second half of the month has been rather horrible. I have been unwell for about the last ten days of February. I had a bad cold, sore throat, headache, glands up and the worst system was the lethargy. Darren had the same although the symptoms were not as severe. However he also has a terrible cough which he still has at the moment although it does seem to be slowly getting better. 

Faith had a sick bug with multiple vomiting for a day and since then has been complaining of tiredness and headaches. She is at the doctors as I write this as she is still not right and it has been a week now. 

Chloe came over to see us and started vomiting in the bathroom. After two days of sickness we took her to the doctors and they sent her to the hospital as they were concerned about her blood pressure and thought that she was dehydrated. Luckily she was sent back home with anti-sickness medication and told that she has a bad viral infection. So, it has been one thing after another!


As I have been so unwell, I have watched a lot of TV this month! I have really enjoyed Locke & Key on Netflix and I absolutely loved The Stranger also on Netflix. Criminal minds is back for a final season on Sky so I am also enjoying that too. I also quite liked October Faction on Netflix although this did take a while to get going. If I had not have been ill then I would of probably stopped watching after the first two episodes but it got really good from about half way in. 


I have not done very much reading this month for obvious reasons but I did manage to read ‘Project based homeschooling: Mentoring self directed learners’ by Lori Pickert. I have been listening to a UK homeschool podcast and the guests all kept recommending this book so I thought that I would give it a go. It has some good ideas although I feel it would be easier to start with children who are young. As Faith was 11 when we started the homeschool journey it can be more difficult to apply ideas, but I think it is definitely worth a read if you are thinking of homeschooling of if you already are like me. 

So, month of two halves! How has February been for you?

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