A couple looking at the sea in each others arms and heart shaped red and pink balloonsWelcome to my series, the A-Z of a happy and healthy relationship.

I and Darren have been together for over 23 years in total and married for 17 years. In the beginning, we had quite a fiery relationship with lots of ups and downs. I was only 15 when we got together so I have changed a lot over the years as has Darren. We have learned so much together and our relationship has evolved into a really happy and healthy marriage. 

I am not claiming to be an expert in all things relating to relationships and of course, everyone is different, but I thought that I would share my thoughts on what makes a long-lasting successful partnership, based on our experience and the lessons which we have learned. 

Once each post has gone live, I will add the link below.

A-Z of a happy and healthy relationship.

A – Apologising 

B – Best friends

C – Compromise

D – Date night

E – Expectations 

F – Fun

G – Goal setting

H – Hobbies

I – Interested

J – Jealousy 

K – Kindness 

L – Laughter

M – Money

N – Non-judgemental

O – Originality 

P – Priorities

Q – Quotidian

R – Romance

S – Support

T – Trust

U – Understanding

V – Value

W – Want/Willingness

X – X-rated

Y – Your boundaries

Z – Zealous 

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