Here is my list of goals that I would like to achieve before I turn 40!

1) Go on a family Euro camp holiday to France.

2) Go on a family holiday to Disneyland Paris.

3) Get a new dishwasher. Completed March 15th 2014.

4) Have a ‘night with the girls’. Completed 24/09/2019.

5) Do a race for life.

6) Return to Blackpool for a holiday.

7) Make a gratitude jar.  Completed in 2014.

8) See the most famous Agatha Christie play – the mousetrap. Completed November 2014.

9) Reach my goal weight of ten stones.

10) Attend a blogging conference. Completed 21/09/2019

11) Get my teeth fixed.

12) Go on a spa weekend. No longer relevant 

13) To be able to wear high heels whenever I like!

14) Quit smoking for good. Completed January 15th 2015.

15) Try aqua-fit.

16) Go camping in the UK. Completed April 10th 2014.

17) Finally, finish knitting the blanket that I started 3 years ago! No longer relevant 

18) Visit the Agatha Christie festival.

19) To start pen palling again and actually keep it up. No longer relevant 

20) Go on a magical mystery tour!

21) Visit a maze. Completed many times!

22) Family holiday back to Salou. Completed June 25th 2016.

23) Return to the stage – amateur dramatics.


24) Start up my own business. No longer relevant 

25) Volunteer at a family centre or similar.

26) Chase a rainbow

27) To reduce my medication and completely come off one of them. Completed October 2014.

28) To rank in the top 500 of blogs in tots100. No longer relevant 

29) Go back to Hemel Hempstead.

30) Try visiting a spiritualist church.

31) Go on a luxury romantic weekend away. Completed in September 2016.

32) Be debt free (excluding any mortgages)

33) Get a new sofa. Completed in April 2016.

34) Apply to be on a game show – preferably catchphrase.

35) Make a friend or two. Completed in October 2014.

36) Get a mortgage for a home of our own.

37) To try Zumba.

38) To take my family to ‘Camp Bestival’.

39) To visit the winter wonderland at Hyde Park in London.

40) To have written at least one e-book.

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