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Here you can find all the details on any features or series on the blog. There are more on the way soon!


My Movie reviews

Once a month I give my opinion on the movies that I have watched at the cinema.

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Movie reviews are now back but being included in the monthly news post. Here are the links to posts that have movie reviews in them.

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January 2022

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The A-Z of a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Using my experience of being with Darren for over 25 years and married for 19 of those years I give my opinion on the A-Z of having a happy and healthy relationship.

Board Game Analysis

Board Game Analysis is where we review board and card games for some great family fun.  

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Breast Cancer

This page lists all the posts that I have talked about my breast cancer journey on, so that it may help others. Sometimes, it is nice to read about people that are going through the same things as you. 

Living Seasonally

Living seasonally is all about tuning back into the earth’s natural seasonal cycle. All posts that relate to this topic can be found on the Living seasonally page where posts are listed by season. 

Goal setting

Here you will find the 40 by 40 page where I listed 40 goals that I wanted to achieve before turning 40.

Here you will find my 101 in 1001 list. This is where you set yourself 101 tasks and goals to complete in 1001 days. 

Diverse Debate – discontinued

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Do you enjoy a good debate? Do you like to give your opinion on different topics or maybe you like to read other opinions before formulating your own? Then join me for my monthly #DiverseDebate hour which will be on the second Monday of each month between 8 and 9 pm UK time over on Twitter. Each month to accompany this, I will write a post on the blog which addresses the topic for discussion and my thoughts.

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